This 10-Minute Pilates Standing Glute Workout Will Set Your Buns Aflame

No matter how much I work out, I have resigned myself to the fact that my booty will never resemble a peach, apple, or anything likewise round and juicy. But that doesn't stop me from burning out my backside as many days a week as possible, because the benefits are bountiful and have little to do with aesthetics. To help you reap them, Brian Spencer of East River Pilates has designed a 10-minute standing glute workout for the latest episode of Good Moves that is efficient AF, which means it can be practiced regularly no matter how "soooooo busy" you are.

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"Today we are doing a fan favorite—standing glutes," says Spencer. "We are going to feel a deep burn in those glutes, really working on our lumbopelvic stability for our low back and hips, finding a lot of good balance, and—you guessed it—getting a good glute burn."

If you're wondering WTF "lumbopelvic stability" is, you're likely not alone. What Spencer's referring to is a strengthening of the muscles that stabilize the lumbar spine, the hip muscles that help to stabilize the pelvis, and the abdominal muscles, too. Pilates practices, in general, have been shown to improve this mobility-enabling and athletic performance-enhancing form of trunk-based stability. This routine is no exception.

But that's just an added bonus of Spencer's latest Good Moves workout, the focus of which is on strengthening the behind. As noted above, the benefits of doing so are myriad: strong glutes can, for example, minimize the risk of injury to the knees, groin, hamstrings, and lower back while supercharging your athletic performance.

So whether you want to feel confident about flaunting your haunches on IG like Lizzo, become a stronger athlete, or improve your overall ability to simply get around, this routine can help. To reap its benefits, scratch your next scroll break and press play on the video above.

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