Build Strength In Your Legs, Thighs, And Calves With This Standing Pilates Workout

Daily life can demand so much from your body. A trip to the pharmacy, waiting in line at the store, or the gymnastics-level stretch you do to reach behind your toilet when you clean it, can all require a lot from your muscles. Sure, there's a lot of talk about supporting your muscles for sports like running, soccer, or weight lifting. Stretching, strengthening, and endurance are all critical for performance, yes, but they're also essential for the random things life asks of you. So if you're looking for a quick strengthening Pilates workout that supports your daily life, this most recent episode of Good Moves with Chloe De Winter, founder of the Pilates practice Go with Chlo, is just that. 

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De Winter delves into an invigorating 15-minute standing Pilates flow that focuses on strengthening the legs and engaging the core. She starts with some quick, engaged squats, reminding you that even though these moves may be hard—they help strengthen the body functionally. This means that these moves recruit muscles in ways that they're frequently used. After your heart is racing from those squats, De Winter has you stretch and extend your arms (like breast stroking through the air). You then move into some deep lunge positions while moving your arms.

Then, De Winter has you lift onto your tiptoes and come back down while focusing on the breath. This is a great move to strengthen the muscles that protect your ankles from injury. Finally, you round out this intense 15-minute session with squats and calf raises. This might make you feel the burn, but rest assured that once you reach this portion — you're almost done. 

Ready to do a standing Pilates workout that supports your everyday movement? Grab a mat and comfortable clothes—De Winter will lead the way. 


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