Starface Is the Pimple Patch That Squelches Acne and Acne Shame in One Go

Photo: Starface
Much like under eye circles and chin hair, acne is something that we, as a collective society, have been conditioned to hide at all costs. But honestly...why? What good is it doing us to predicate our value system on perfection, when as Starface—a new skin-care line dropping today—shows us, embracing these moments with our skin can actually be really fun.

In our authenticity-loving day and age, acne acceptance is growing (looking at you, Biebs). And so, it's refreshing that Starface Hydro Star ($22), a yellow star-shaped, hydrocolloid patch (a research-backed acne-fighting material) flips the notion of hiding acne right onto its head. "Short of Facetune, it's sort of impossible to hide a big zit," says longtime beauty editor and co-founder of Starface Julie Schott. "Makeup often makes zits worse. Drying paste is messy. Clear pimple patches are boring. We wanted something equal parts efficacious and uplifting."

"Clear pimple patches are boring. We wanted something equal parts efficacious and uplifting." —Julie Schott

That's what's so unique and exciting about the launch: Once a pimple pops up, rather than immediately running to hide and squelch the thing, Starface is about giving your skin a gold star like you would to a good essay in kindergarten—it's positive and cheeky. Because, as everyone who's dealt with acne knows, it's a skin condition that's incredibly hard to treat, and then to maintain confidence once you have it.

Schott's familiar with the feeling, pointing out that she had access to the best-of-the-best skin treatments and dermatologists as an editor—yet still had her fair share of pimples. "It made me feel really self-conscious, because I was supposed to be this skin-care expert, but my own skin was out of control," she says. "I had tried everything from random Reddit suggestions to prescription medications. Starface falls somewhere in the middle—it’s clinically proven, but it’s also fun and uplifting."

Really, Starface is all about pushing people to accept that acne's just a regular, extremely common thing that just happens—regardless of where you are in life. "Acne is the most common skin experience in America," says Schott. "Having been in the beauty industry for over a decade, it has become apparent that the skin-care industry strives to hide or 'correct' our skin. If you’ve ever had acne, you know it can really affect your confidence and self- esteem. Then, you’re faced with products that use language like 'blemish' and 'imperfection.' You wouldn’t talk to a friend that way. Starface is here to make you feel good."

It's true—so much of the conversation surrounding skin care is about perfecting your complexion, which means banishing acne. Screw that. Here's hoping we see more people walking around, speckled in star-shaped pimple patches to turn skin woes into cute AF adornments.

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