To Have *Perfectly* Steamed Clothes, All You Need Is an Ice Cube

If the only time you use ice cubes is in the morning, for your straw-free iced coffee, you're seriously missing out; the freezer staple comes in handy far beyond it's ability to chill beverages. One of the most genius hacks? Using the cubes as a totally free way to have a closet full of perfectly steamed clothes at all times, no trip to the dry cleaner required.

Sure, it might seem weird to put ice cubes in your clothes dryer, but that's all you have to do in order to smooth out your favorite garments. According to Apartment Therapy, the wrinkle-ridding process only requires a couple steps: After making sure the machine is at its hottest setting, just toss in three ice cubes (max!) and up to a few pieces of clothing, then wait for the magic to happen. By the time you open the machines's door, all that steam created by the ice will have your duds looking better than ever.

By the time you open those dryer doors, all that steam the ice cubes created will have your duds looking better than ever.

Unfortunately, this hack might not work as well if your only dryer access is at the laundromat down the street (#rentersprobz) since you can only steam a couple items at a time. But if you're not a lucky owner of in-unit laundry machinery, don't resort to digging your ironing board out of storage just yet. It's all the more reason to visit with your friends who are blessed with the equipment. After a fun night of catching up while staying in, you'll head home brimming with feel-good friendship vibes and hanger upon hanger of wrinkle-free clothes.

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