Ramp Up Your Core Workouts With This Dead Bug Variation From Jen Aniston’s Trainer

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If you fall into the “I’ll do anything Jen Aniston does” fan club, listen up: Her trainer just shared an ab-sculpting exercise on Instagram that you’re gonna want to add into your repertoire, stat. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be on our way to copy yet another one of Aniston's routines (no ACV or smoothie powder required). Her trainer, Leyon Azubuike, boxing pro and founder of Gloveworx, emphasizes the importance of mobility training—and today’s lesson is no exception. Enter: Stick Mobility Dead Bugs.

For starters, let's do a bit of dead bug 101. Dead bugs are an absolutely killer core move; these bad boys target the rectus abdominis, the obliques, and the transverse abdominis (or low abs in layman's terms). It’s one of those moves that doesn’t look complicated or difficult, but once you’re in the proper position and start moving, it shocks your system. If you’re looking to build a strong core and increase muscularity in your trunk, this is a surefire way to do so.

Azubuike’s mobility version of this uses a stick tool to take things up a notch (and add in some shoulder—you guessed it—mobility, while maintaining tight core). And a pro tip, from the pro himself (this is important): Form is critical for this move, and that includes keeping your back flat to the floor. This ensures that you’re working the proper muscles and protecting your spine. “Make sure you have mastered the [isometric] hold so you understand how to create tension in the core,” he says in his caption, “And make sure there is no air pocket between your low back and the floor.”

Are you ready to give it a shot? His IG caption details exactly how to do this at home. Check it out:


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  1. Knees at 90 degrees
  2. Toes Dorsi-flexed
  3. For beginners hold stick closer to 45 degrees than 0
  4. Press low back into ground to decrease air pocket and engage core
  5. Drive knee with hip through stick and arm with stick through knee to constantly for maximal tension (opposite arm/opposite leg)
  6. Straighten leg while lowering to ground while lowering arm at the same time
  7. Bring back at same time

If you don’t have a mobility stick at home, no worries; try a broomstick or (even something like a Swiffer) to get a similar effect. Otherwise, go equipment free and get ready to feel the fire in your abs. You’ll want to do a little stretching afterward, so head to our YouTube for some guided sessions.

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