The 4 Best Sticky Bras for Every Body and Any Occasion

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We all have fashion catastrophes that we’d rather forget. For me, it was a ninth grade dance club-inspired birthday party in which I wore a strappy backless dress. Given the silhouette, I had no option but to go braless (something I gasped at back then but embrace daily now) or try one of the recently-launched sticky bras I’d seen at Target days prior.

Now, I’m aging myself, but this was back around 2006—it was before sticky bras really had the chance to be put to the test on runways, in celebrity closets, and within the lives of everyday folks. As such, I didn’t have a tried-and-true recommendation to go off of. Instead, I just remembered seeing what looked like chicken cutlets but were actually sticky pads designed to create the appearance of a bra-encased bust, without so much as hinting so from the back.

Long story short, not even an hour into dancing, the pads began to lose its stickiness (thanks a lot, sweat) and slip down my body. Truly, it was a miracle one didn’t flop out on the floor. Naturally, I ran to the bathroom in an effort to fix the situation but the sticky bra just wouldn’t reattach to my skin. The birthday girl’s mom noticed I had rushed out in a panic and came to my aid. The solution? A roll of duct tape. As grateful as I was for her quick thinking, I couldn’t help but wish that there were a better, more comfortable solution. Fast forward 15 years, and now there is.

Which brings us to today’s topic: sticky bras—or, rather, what to look for in a sticky bra so as to not suffer the same incident that I did way back when.

What makes a good sticky bra?

There are a bunch of different sticky bras on the market but don’t be fooled, they’re not all created equally. When looking for a budge-proof, sweat-proof sticky bra, Gatherall founder Louise Piyarat Lai says that the most important thing to look for in a sticky bra is the quality of the adhesive. “The adhesive should be medical grade, and strong yet gentle to the skin,” she says.

Once you’ve narrowed down your sticky bra options based on adhesive, Lai says to be mindful of the thickness and weight of the garment. “You don't want the bra to be thick and heavy as that will drag your breasts down and the adhesive has to work harder to keep the bra on your breasts,” she explains.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a sticky bra? The color. Once upon a time, like Bandaids, sticky bras were only sold in limited (read: white) skin tones. Nowadays, however, you can find sticky bras in just about every skin tone, so don’t think you have to settle in your search.

Lastly, Lai says that the actual silhouette of the sticky bra makes a difference. “The shape and the edges of the bra have to be thin and lightweight so that the bra will stay flush to your skin and will not show through your clothes,” she says.

The best sticky bras for different body types

Gatherall, Backless Bra — $68.00

“The Gatherall Bra is a patent-pending backless strapless bra that was designed and made by women for women,” Lai says. “We understand the frustration in finding the sticky bra that actually works and when we couldn’t find them, we created them! Gatherall offers cup A-DD in four skin tones and is proudly 100 percent women-owned and operated.’

Brassybra, Breast Tape — $38.00

One of the most popular sticky bras is Brassybra. “We have a one-of-a-kind, medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive that works with your body heat to actually grip stronger the longer you wear it,” says Brassybra founder/CEO Katherina Børve, noting that Brassybra is sweat-proof, dance-proof, and can even be worn while swimming.

Completely unpadded, Brassybra is more so designed to conceal the nipple and lift what you have—not add to it.

Good Lines, The Classic Cut Boob Tape Kit — $25.00

If you like the idea of tape over a shapely, structured sticky bra, Good Lines (which is currently trending on social media), is a good option. The Classic Cut Boob Tape Kit features teardrop-shaped adhesive patches that are designed to conceal the nipple and lift the breast. They’re sold in three colors, three sizes, and two adhesive strength levels.

NuBra, Seamless Adhesive Bra — $45.00

Hoping to boost your cleavage? This structured sticky bra is designed to adhere to your breasts but unlike the tape options, it clips together in the middle to not only lift your bust up but together, too.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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