A Facialist, My Mom, and I Can’t Get Enough of This Hydrating Facial Spritz

Photo: Getty Images/Tom Werner
When it comes to crowning my favorite beauty finds, one of the first factors I consider is smell. That's because before I even apply a product, its scent informs my first impression. Like moth to aromatic flame, I shop to appease my nose, so when a facialist introduced me to Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist ($38), my heart fluttered—and I may or may not have bought three bottles right on the spot (one of which I overnighted to my mother).

The hydrating face mist has since found a permanent home on my desk. I spritz it on liberally any time I feel like the dry office air has drained all moisture from my skin, or whenever I need to hit the metaphorical refresh button to spark new creativity. And though describing the smell accurately in all its worthy glory using words alone seems like a Sisyphean task, here goes nothing: It smells like the first day of spring. It smells the way you feel in the most ooey-gooey yoga pose. It smells like falling face-first into the flower field in Twilight. It's heady, but not overpowering and, um, I think "I can hear the bells" each time I spray it.

Scent aside, the mist's formula is also worthy of some serious adulation. A combination of stone crop, aloe (an anti-inflammatory), salicylic acid (which is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial), and algae extract, the spritz is nothing short of a complexion-pleasing cocktail. Ask Gina Pallazo, a Heyday spa skin therapist in New York City, though, and she'll tell you the real star of the bottle is a botanical brightener called bearberry. "Additionally, the mist boasts amino acids with B vitamin content, which is strengthening and conditioning, alongside chlorophyll…the reason why it is green in color." (It's true: The product looks like a kale smoothie, but did I mention that it smells even better than it looks?)

My reasons to laud the hydrating face mist can no longer be counted on two hands, so I'll just continue singing this beauty buy's praises until my landlord, boss, grocer, baby cousin, and roommates are all on board.

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