Our 9 Must-Have Pieces From Our Collab With STORY at Macy’s, the Department Store’s New Wellness Shop

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Imagine discovering a one-stop-shop haven of wellness treasures that has everything you know you need—water bottles, candles, and foam rollers—along with life-enhancing goods you never even knew you desired. Well, imagine no more, because that haven is very, very real, and ready for you to peruse online and at select Macy's stores nationwide.

Well+Good has partnered with STORY at Macy's, an experiential retail concept that focuses on a new theme every few months, to bring Feel Good to the department store's New York City's Herald Square location and 36 other STORY at Macy's locations that span the country. Open until April, you'll find curated merchandise and expert-led events designed to make you a student of your own health. Basically, it's a limited-time Macy's wellness department.

At Feel Good STORY at Macy's, you'll be able shop items that promote balance, energy, and nourishment, all in line with Well+Good's 2020 Wellness Trends. Think, chickpea snacks,  take-anywhere workout tools, and smart skin care. And, along with your purchases, you'll have the opportunity to attend events that feature pros who can speak to everything from astrology to mocktails and what healthy eating will look like in the years to come.

The collaboration has created a place that makes you want to come in, kick off your shoes, and stay—cough, meditate—a while (which is thanks in large part to a partnership with the Calm meditation app providing complimentary mindfulness sessions). So get ready to get acquainted with the brands, buzzy topics, people, and, of course, must-buy products that are leading the wellness charge right here, right now.

9 items from the Feel Good STORY at Macy's collaboration that we want most

STORY at Macy's

1. Luckies of London Foot Work Set, $30

Meet the wooden set that'll comfort your aching feet with reflexology, having you saying "ooh, ah!" as you undo nine hours in heels-induced discomfort.

STORY at Macy's

2. Well+Good: 100 Healthy Recipes + Expert Advice For Better Living Cookbook, $30

Inside Well+Good's own gorgeous cookbook, you'll find delicious, health-rich recipes from the likes of functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, MD, Misty Copeland, Marie Kondo, and more.

Story at Macy's

3. MOBOT Grace 27-ounce Foam Roller Water Bottle, $50

Perhaps the healthiest twofer you'll ever come across, this water bottle is fit to hydrate and massage your body any time, anywhere.

Story at Macy's

4. buyolympia OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone, $30

A rule of thumb: You can never have too many tarot decks.

5. Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase, $60

Dermatologists and hairstylists agree that a silk pillowcase can help boost your sleep situation. Slip is at the forefront of luxury bedding, so you can snuggle up while you, your skin, and your hair glow up.

6. Streamline Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag, $20

When it feels like everything is going wrong at work, you can take out your rage on this instead of your keyboard.

Story at Macy's

7. Bed of Nails Pillow, $50

Some days, it seems our knots have knots. A spare moment on this sharp pillow can begin unwinding the ones located in your neck.

8. True Brands Blair Arabesque Glass Travel Infuser Mug, $28

Snatch up this item now to enjoy iced teas on summer-day commutes.

story at Macy's

9. Paddywax Wabi Sabi Lavender Mimosa Candle, $32

Just like tarot decks, you can never have too many candles—especially ones that turn into fully functional bowls once they're completely burned.

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