7 Straw Visors for Sun Protection, In Case You, Too, Have Been Brainwashed Into Wanting One

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Few advertising techniques are as effective at slowly sneaking something into your psyche as Instagram ads, IMO. Case in point: Not long ago, I thought of straw visors as something only my quirky aunt would wear to the beach but now, after being exposed to them in ad after ad after ad, I suddenly find them cool and covetable. As weird as it may sound, I now *need* a straw sun visor to get me (and my delicate, post-pandemic, untouched-by-the-sun skin) through shot girl summer.

All of a sudden, I see straw sun visors in a whole new light: They're practical because you can easily get horizontal in one without having to hold your head at an awkward angle or risk squishing the product, which, incidentally, also makes them more packable than many other sun hats. Straw hats are also versatile; they can work easily for just about anything that happens at the beach, on the tennis court, or during a backyard barbecue—anywhere, really. Straw sun visors are affordable, too. Sure, you can find designer versions with designer prices, but you can also pick one up for an Andrew Jackson or two.

Below, find seven quirky-aunt-approved, shot-girl-summer-appropriate straw sun visors that'll keep rays out of your eyes and off your face this season.

7 straw visors to see you through shot girl summer

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Rag & Bone Woven Visor — $125.00

She’s not cheap, but this babe a looker! If you’re nervous about being able to select a stylish straw sun visor, this leather-trimmed Rag & Bone selection is a safe bet. It’s sophisticated but also low maintenance enough to do its job while being decidedly subtle.

Photo: & Other Stories
& Other Stories Ribbon Tie Straw Visor — $29.00

If you want something a little more feminine and romantic, this is the style for you. It’s giving me Bridgerton vibes, which may make it perfect for promenading around wherever one promenades in your neck of the woods this summer.

Photo: Amazon
EW East Water Store Straw Visor — $17.00

Candidly, this inexpensive, no-frills visor is my favorite of the bunch. It’ll go with just about any summer look, from the sporty to the sundress to swimwear and beyond. And if you, like me, are prone to losing hats on summer vacations, the price tag on this one will make such loss an easier pill to swallow.

Photo: Banana Republic
Banana Republic Packable Straw Visor — $52.00

If everyone you know hops on this trend this summer, you can still stand out by opting for this straw sun visor from Banana Republic in a rich brown color. This hat is also specifically designed to be foldable, which is a huge plus when it comes to packing—you can stuff this one anywhere and it will rebound to perfection.

Photo: Verishop
Poppy & Sage Straw Sun Visor — $24.00

This sustainable cutie is individually handwoven by artisans from straw water hyacinth. For those who favor neutral tones over zebra stripes, it also comes in a more muted tan and white-striped color, too.

Photo: Shopbop
Eugenia Kim Ricky Visor — $245.00

While spend-y, this pale pink visor from Eugenia Kim is a real beaut. If this saccharine hue isn’t quite your vibe, you can also find this style in white, with various color bows.

Photo: American Eagle
San Diego Hat Co. Straw Visor — $30.00

Subtle striping sets this straw sun visor apart as a happy medium between a standard straw offering and a visor with more serious flare. Its added design detail doesn’t detract from its versatility, which is a good thing, given that you’re likely to be wearing it every damn day this summer.

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