Data Shows *This* Fruit Is the MVP Snack of Super Bowl Party Spreads

Photo: Stocksy/Miss Rein
While football might be the main attraction at Super Bowl parties, the food is what gets party guests excited to hang and watch the sporting event (and its accompanying high-budget commercials) for hours. (Just me?) But a lot of the popular, crowd-pleasing snacks are hardly healthy. Surprisingly, one good-for-you treat ranked in the top five nationwide, though: none other than strawberries.

People ate 4,510 servings of strawberries during last year's Super Bowl compared to just 3,622 servings of guac.

Under Armour's nutrition-tracking app My Fitness Pal analyzed data from its 220,000 users to identify the top foods people logged during last year's big game. While chocolate chip cookies, string cheese, popcorn, and chips and guac were top picks, strawberries came in as the most popular fruit. In fact, people ate 4,510 servings of them compared to just 3,622 servings of guac, according to the data.

Obviously not everyone tracks what they eat—especially during events like the Super Bowl—but the evidence is still compelling enough to put out a bowl of strawberries at your party this year. It might just be the most popular treat of the full spread. Plus, considering the fruit is full of vitamins C and K, potassium, and plenty of antioxidants, the sweet, all-natural treat will help keep guests healthy amid worry about a potential flu epidemic. Not a bad reason to fill your plate, huh?

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