Want To Get Stronger in 2 Weeks? This Challenge Is the Best Way To Do It

Every good fitness routine contains some element of strength training. The reason? These types of workouts are hugely important for improving your muscle tissue and endurance (aka they help you get stronger and move longer), and help to decrease your chance of injury both on and off the mat.  What's more, strength training enhances the quality of your life long-term, protecting your joints so you can maintain independence as you age. Motivated by how absolutely crucial we believe strength training is, we put together a two-week strength training challenge designed to have you feeling more powerful than you ever have before.

In these two weeks, you’ll harness strength in your arms, core, back and legs. You’ll complete full-body and targeted workouts with our team of personal trainers, all from the comfort of your own living room. By the time it’s over, you’ll see real improvement in your strength and endurance. You'll notice that there are only 12 workouts meant to be performed over 14 days, so feel free to squeeze in at least two rest day whenever you need them.

Ready to go? Keep scrolling to see your workout plan for the next two weeks, and check back here in a month for our next challenge!

1. 10-Minute full-body mobility workout

The key word today is mobility. Ash Wilking, Nike trainer and Rumble instructor, is here to teach us how to “find strength in our mobility” by flexing, releasing, and extending every part of our bodies from our necks down to our ankles. Strength training requires our bodies to be loose and agile before we do any high-impact work, and mobility is a necessary building block for all of this, which is why we’re focusing on it here on day one.

2. 15-minute lower body workout to build muscle

Today is all about building strength in your lower body and lifting your mood in preparation for the rest of the challenge. Barry’s Senior trainers Amber Rees and Lindsey Clayton are here to take us through all the lower-body classics: lunges, sumo squats, glute bridges and more. This workout can be done with or without the addition of weights and is sure to get those legs burning!

3. 8-Minute core and back workout

Get those abs, traps, and lats ready because today is a core/back day! Charlee Atkin, founder of Le Sweat TV, is here to whip us into shape in just 8 minutes. Today’s workout calls for a set of dumbbells and is sure to strengthen and lengthen your body's central muscles.

4. 10-minute upper body towel workout

This workout relies on an item I’m sure all of us have in our homes already: a towel. Led by Colette Dong, founder of The Ness, this 10-minute towel routine will work every muscle in your upper body, plus your abs and obliques for a little extra fire.

5. Upper body stretch to release tension

We are stretching and breathing today, friends! Ashley Joi is here to bring us a little "joy" of our own with this 8-minute upper-body stretch routine. This is the perfect cool down after yesterday’s upper body workout, and is a great way to end a long day working at a desk.  Before this stretch sesh is over, your, upper arm and back pain will melt away, and you might even see an improvement in your posture.

6. 15-Minute total core strength workout

Trainers Rees and Clayton are back to guide us through a 15-minute core workout designed to get the whole body working together as one. We’ll do some traditional core movements like side-planks and crunches, then switch things up with renegade rows and jack-knifes. This routine can be done as bodyweight only, or you can amp things up with a set of dumbbells. Either way, it's sure to get your entire body involved.

7. Full-body mobility workout for active recovery

It’s active recovery day, which means we’re going to loosen up those muscles and recoup our energy with a low-intensity workout. Trainer Joi is back to walk us through leg swings, knee hugs, shin box lifts, and more. For this workout, you’ll need a chair or a wall for supportive balance. And when you're done, you can pat yourself on the back for making it halfway through the challenge.

8. 17-Minute lower-body strength + HIIT workout

Get ready because today is a HIIT workout and the longest one yet! We’ll warm up with trainer Kat Atienza and then jump into some lower body movements that are sure to bring the heat: lunges, squats, glute bridges and more. This workout requires no equipment and will have you feeling stronger and more mobile by the time it’s over.

9. 5-Minute kettlebell core workout

Trainer Roxie Jones is using a 10-pound kettlebell for today’s workout, but feel free to go lighter or heavier—whatever feels right to you. With ussian twists, typewriter drags and figure-8 passes (no, those are not cocktails), these moves will blast your core in just five minutes.

10. 18-Minute arm sculpting workout with resistance bands

Trainer Sashah Handal takes us through three rounds of resistance training that will strengthen and sculpt your biceps, triceps, and core. You’ll need a long resistance band with handles, or a Theraband, a super portable resistance band without handles, for this 18-minute arm workout.

11. Wrist workout, stretches, & modifications

Today we’re focusing on an often-neglected part of the body: your wrists. If you ever feel like your wrists are weak in a plank position, during a pushup or in downward dog, this is the workout for you. Trainer Atkins is walking us through wrist stretches for strength and mobility, as well as modifications we can make to common poses that will take pressure off that delicate wrist area.

12. 23-Minute workout to build strength and improve mobility

We’ve made it to the final day of our strength training challenge and we’re wrapping up with our longest workout yet! Trainer Atienza takes us through two circuits comprised of squats, glute bridges, push-ups, side planks and hamstring scoops. No equipment needed for this 23-minute workout. And congrats on making it to the end!

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