How Stress Can Actually Lead to More Success in Your Work Life

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
Managing stress can sometimes feel like a full-time job: You always have a soothing essential oil on hand, your breathing techniques are solid, and you often hit the gym to clear your head. But did you ever consider using the five-letter s-word to your advantage?

Instead of letting stress weigh you down, one positive psychology expert says embracing it as a side effect of challenging yourself can actually be great for your career. Shawn Achor told Thrive Global that the brain works better when it looks at challenges in a positive light. So being concerned—but still positive!—may help the brain expand and amp up your productivity levels.

The brain works better when it looks at challenges in a positive light.

Yeah, yeah—sounds easier said than done, right? Though it will likely require some mental training and patience, once the brain learns to process stress differently, your work life will reap the benefits. Soon you'll become the master of the pressure, finding a new way to view those not-so-fun meetings with your boss and super-tight deadlines that pop up at the exact wrong time.

Basically, if you put your mind to it, it's possible for stress to work with you rather than cause career burnout. The choice is yours.

If you're approaching burnout by 30, you're not alone—promise. Need some ways to de-stress at work? These methods should do the trick.

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