8 Tried-and-True Stress Relief Products for Staying Calm in Every Situation

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Even if your home is a Zen respite and your workplace epitomizes what a healthy office can offer, it's hard to keep your cool 24/7. We dwell in a gloriously effed up burnout culture that overloads us at all times, so emotional and mental exhaustion is the default, and calm is something we work toward. The good news? Stress-relief products exist to help achieve that sense of calm. The less-good news? Plenty of stress-relief products exist to help achieve that sense of calm, so how can you decipher which ones will work best?

Truth be told, every person is different, so every person may find different strategies work best for de-stressing. So to take out some guesswork (and expensive trial-and-error-style testing), rounded up below are several standout stress relief products team Well+Good swears by for restoring a sense of calm in the most frazzling of moments. Whether you're buried under too many assignments at work, more social events than feels manageable, or an irritating number of texts from your mom asking for help on how to send an attachment on an email, there's something great you can try in order to put yourself at ease.

Below, find 8 tried-and-true stress relief products for big-time Zen feels.

1. Lord Jones Royal Oil, $100

While the world may have reached peak CBD-product saturation (thus making room for other cannabinoids to take their turn in the spotlight), this one is still of note for the regal-leaning calming vibes it promotes. Also on Well+Good's love list? The Lord Jones Hemp-Derived CBD gumdrops ($45), which add a real sweet touch to the way you ingest CBD.

Great if: You're the HBIC at your job and need an all-purpose oil to smooth away a trillion annoyances.

2. IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow, $14

This weighted eye mask is so revered that you're going to want to keep a constant supply of backups at the ready in your fridge. While it works wonderfully as an off button before bedtime by blocking out any distraction, one staffer loves using it on her forehead for a cooling, delightful release. But no matter your preferred method of use, this eye mask is the perfect assistant to help you after an exhausting work day. Bonus: It can easily fit in your travel bag.

Great if: You're looking for a new sleep routine, you're prone to tension headaches.

3. The Nue Co Functional Fragrance, $30

Using a combination of green cardamom, iris, palo santo and cilantro, this Functional Frangrance perfume was specifically designed to lower cortisol levels. You know cortisol, right? The stress hormone that's often guilty of driving you up a wall? People swear by it: According to Nue Co's research, 96 percent of people found themselves feeling calmer after sniffing the scent, and 93 percent would recommend using it as a stress aid.

Great if: You prefer musky scents to fruity, you have no qualms doing a sniff test in public, you lead big meetings, carry small handbags and need something really grab-and-go.

4. Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, $10+

Lush has built upon this lotion for insomnia sufferers with a whole Sleepy capsule collection that includes a shower gel, a bar soap, and so on. I regularly recommend the lotion to, you know, anyone who will listen. And as someone who collects sleep hacks like Pokémon cards, you can trust me when I say this lotion is my Pikachu, right by my side whenever my mind starts racing. Usually I'll rub it over my arms and chest when late-night anxiety knocks on my door. Lavender is the obvious power-player ingredient in this blend, but cocoa butter and tonka also deserve honorable mentions.

Great if: Stress insomnia for you is just an average Tuesday.

5. The Wave Meditation Pillow, $199

Looking to feel not only de-stressed, but also completely dreamy? Well, the Wave meditation pillow is here to take you on that journey. This device is beat-based, meaning you lay down in an ergonomically designed body pillow, you select a meditation track, and it vibrates to the experience. And when one staffer gave it a test run, she and gushed about how you "melt into the sound." So, um, please pass the headphones!

Great if: You always find the time in your calendar to meditate—and that time is after work hours, when you can comfortably and confidently doze off.

6. Scalp Massager Tool, $7

I am a very, very big advocate of what I call "head scritches," and friend, I can tell you that I make good use of this tool. It makes for a very sweet stocking stuffer and is something I use when my brain is fried and I can't just import someone to pet my hair and tell me everything will be okay. Furthermore, real research shows that a good scalp massage can decrease stress levels, so feel free to buy one for yourself and one for your equally stressed-out friend.

Great if: Your favorite part of getting a haircut is when someone shampoos you, and you're all about the brain orgasms to be gleaned from ASMR videos

7. CVS Lavender Effervescent Vapor Tablets, $5

Again, lavender is an aromatic power player when it comes to stress relief, and bath bombs are a pretty, fizzy way to ease your day-to-day anxieties. But what if you, like me and like many of us here, aren't blessed with a bath? Enter: these Lavender Effervescent Vapor Tablets, readily available at your local CVS, and ready to transform your tiny shower into a heavenly Zen palace with serious Provence vibes. (Maybe after you clean the grout from the tiles, that is.)

Great if: You have a CVS loyalty card and about 5 free available minutes to shower before a big-time event.

8. Recess Sparkling Water Infused with Hemp Extract and Adaptogens, $40 (eight pack)

Maybe you've seen these inviting pastel cans in your local grocery store or upscale market. Well, if the price tag was holding you back from trying, here's a review that might lead you to consider shelling out at least once: Though I can't pinpoint exactly why, I am so into Recess. Every time my life feels like it's spiraling and I want to center myself without depleting my bar-cart stock, this is my go-to drink. All of the flavors are fun, but pomegranate hibiscus is my forever favorite.

Great if: You're thinking about having a glass of wine with your go-to Netflix content of choice, but are curious about something that may not affect your sleep game.

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