Keep Stress at Bay With This DIY Soothing Tincture

Consider this your 201-level guide to all the various leaves, seeds, powders, and potions that get so much buzz in the wellness scene—then discover how to actually incorporate them into your life. So whether you want to power up your smoothie with natural supplements, or you're just wondering how to use the cacao powder sitting in your pantry, you'll get the intel you need here. See All

 Don't shell out on an overpriced wellness tincture—DIY it instead with this genius recipe.  

While I can't imagine why your stress levels would be at peak scream emoji right now—it's not like the entire world is shutting down or anything—it never hurts to add to your anti-ack! arsenal. Specifically, I suggest you try a calming stress relief tincture devised by herbalist and Supernatural founder Rachelle Robinett.

In the latest episode of Well+Good's Plant-Based video series, Robinett demonstrates how to mix her favorite herbs for managing stress and anxiety into an alcohol-based extract. "[To make a tincture], we're taking old plant matter, dried or fresh, and submerging it in high-proof alcohol and then letting it sit for six weeks," she says. "All of the medicine, the nutrients, the phytochemicals, the active compounds we want out of those plants are [then] extracted into the alcohol."

She prefers to make her mix using adaptogenic herbs, a popular stress remedy, and nervines, her go-to for treating nervous system over-taxation. This particular blend consists of four plant ingredients: ashwaganda, an adaptogen known for lowering cortisol levels; lavender, which boosts mood and offers a slight sedative effect; oat, which is a nutrient-dense nervine common in blends meant to calm the nervous system; and skullcap, a mild sedative with no negative side effects, e.g. drowsiness.

"This combination of herbs works beautifully together to create peace and to build a foundation of stress resilience," Robinett says. The resultant potion is shelf-stable and can last for years. You can ingest it directly through a dropper or add it to a beverage such as tea.

Watch the video to get the full recipe so you can keep calm and carry on, no matter what life throws at you.

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