This 20-Minute Yoga Flow Is All You Need To Melt Away Stress

While there are dozens of different ways to de-stress when you're feeling overwhelmed, nothing can ease your mind more quickly than grabbing your yoga mat. And that's exactly what the latest episode of Good Moves gives you: 20 minutes of much-needed peace and movement. "The holidays can be an uncertain time—especially this year," says Paris Alexandra, co-founder of BK Yoga Club in Brooklyn. "This flow is dedicated to relieving stress during the holidays."

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Because this flow is meant to de-stress your body, there are no expectations: You can make it whatever you want or need it to be. "Be where you are, where you're at. Allow yourself to make any modifications you see as necessary," Alexandra says. "You can do any variations that work for your body." In fact, she encourages those modifications and adds them in often throughout the session to make the experience as soothing as possible. While some flows are great for challenging yourself, others can do wonders at giving your body some TLC.

Throughout the session, you'll be doing a number of different feel-good poses at a slow and relaxed pace, like cat-cow, downward dog, and warrior. There's also stretches along the way to loosen up your muscles and get rid of any built-up tension in your body, like a modified runner's stretch. Aside from the movement in this flow, there's also a lot of mindfulness. Alexandra starts with some deep breathing and gratitude, setting off the tone for the practice: "Think of one thing that you're grateful for. Maybe it's connection, maybe it's community," she says.

Let's just say those inhales and exhales have never felt so good—and by the time you finish your session, you'll be breathing a lot easier.

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