Need Some Stretches for Tight Hips? These Will Have You Moving Better in Just 12 Minutes

The hips are one of the crankiest parts of the body. According to Johns Hopkins University, these essential ball-and-socket joints bear the brunt of our body weight and, as a result, are vulnerable to injury, pain, and mobility limitations. Tightness in the ligaments and muscles surrounding the joint is all too common, and, according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to pain on the outside of your hips, buttocks, or thighs.

One solution? Stretching and moving often, rather than sitting in the same position for super long periods of time. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. But if you've got tight hips and 12 minutes to spare, the most recent episode of Well+Good's Good Stretch with Go with Chlo Pilates instructor Chloe De Winter has just what you and your hips are looking for.

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This quick, beginner-friendly hip-focused workout offers a chance to get your blood flowing and hips opening. Without the use of equipment or need for any prior experience, this slow, patient, informative routine has some unique stretches that might become your go-to secret weapon when that 3 pm soreness has you shifting in your seat.

This stretch routine is great for a handful of reasons, TBH. Opening up your hips can support improved circulation, flexibility, and range of motion in the hips, legs, and back, according to the Mayo Clinic. Keeping the area loose and open can also improve posture, strengthen the muscles used in balance, and even promote a better mood during your day by allowing you to move and sit with less tightness.

De Winter begins this session with a deep, standing stretch called the forward fold, in which both feet are planted far apart in a wide straddle, and you bend your upper body at the waist, reaching toward the floor. You'll likely feel this throughout your hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs.

Other stretches include a long lunge, tabletop hip circles into child's pose, seated pigeon, and butterfly pose for a mix of standing and seated poses, as well as some on your knees. Throughout, De Winter guides you to find the exact positions where you'll get the best stretch to open your hips even deeper, and how to take advantage of the breath to help your body let go.

So grab a comfortable mat and your favorite workout clothes for a solid 12 minutes of stretches. Repeat whenever you need to show your tight hips some love.

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