Your Sneak Peek Inside a Seriously Impressive New Fitness Destination

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Studio 3 openerThis month, big things are happening on Chicago's fitness scene.

On November 18, Studio Three will open its doors in River North as a fitness destination that will house interval training, yoga, and cycling classes. "We set out a couple of years ago to create what’s the best of the best in the boutique fitness world," says co-owner David Blitz, of the three-floor, multiple-discipline concept. And he's thought of things for the 15,000 square feet space that we like with our sweaty workout, like locker rooms stocked with E.O. Products and a Real Good Juice Co. juice bar.

And Studio Three's not just offering any cycling classes—it will be home to Peloton's second live-streaming spin studio, so home users of the high-tech bike and app will be able to get in on the action, too. "We think it's a really revolutionary concept, and we’re excited to be a part of it," says Peloton CEO John Foley.

We got a sneak peek inside Studio Three and more details, in case Chicago is your hometown or you and your gym bag are going to be passing through, soon. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Studio 3_PelotonSince its New York City studio opened in 2014, Peloton has been opening showrooms across the country, but Studio Three will be just its second location for live classes.

"The reason we’re excited is it basically doubles our content," says Foley, who explains that home users will be able to choose from a wider variety of class start times and instructor styles as a result. There will, of course, also be a showroom in case Chicagoans fall so in love with the bike they want to take it home.

"Peloton...disrupts the fitness industry from a lot of angles—the world-class bike, ability to take class from anywhere in the world, the integration of technology," says Blitz, of his new partner.


Studio 3_yogaThe yoga studio, outfitted with brick walls, radiant heat panels, and glowy lantern-like light fixtures has space for more than 50 mats and will host a variety of class styles, like vinyasa, hot yoga, power yoga, and a healing "Fix-it Flow."

It's on the second floor, which is also where you'll find the locker rooms, with eight showers for women and six for men. Each floor is also equipped with its own bathrooms and changing rooms.


Studio 3_bootcamp roomIn the basement, the interval training studio is stocked with rowers, Woodways (the Rolls Royce of treadmills), TRXs, and other functional equipment for Studio Three's interval training method, called F.L.EX!, which involves lots of explosive movements, calorie-burning, conditioning, and strength-training (and a bonus team element, for extra motivation).

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