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The Best Subscription Boxes That Make Unique, No-Brainer Gifts

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Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to leave the comfort of your own home to stock up on wellness essentials, new clothing, and even unique pantry staples and snacks. No, I'm not talking about online shopping—I'm talking about subscription boxes—the themed boxes shipped straight to your door on a monthly or quarterly basis.

About a decade ago, when subscription boxes first became the trendy new thing, there were only a handful of select themes to choose from. Now? There are literally thousands of subscription boxes for women to shop and subscribe to.

Some are general lifestyle boxes, like Beachly and FabFitFun, which ship all sorts of goodies to your door four times a year. Others are more specific. There's themed boxes for beauty buffs, expecting mothers, outdoor lovers, aspiring yogis, coffee drinkers—you name it. If you can think of it, there's probably a box for it.

Top factors readers consider when selecting a subscription box

With so many subscription boxes to shop and so little time, treating yourself (or picking out a box to gift) can be a daunting task. Themes aside, here are some factors to consider:

  • Price: Some boxes are as little as $15 or less. Others—particularly those shipped on a quarterly basis—can run in the triple digit range. Determine your budget, shop around, and find what's best for you.
  • Cadence: Want a box every two weeks? What about every three months? Not all subscription boxes come once a month (although many do!), and many will let you skip deliveries for no additional fee if you don't want a box.
  • Personalization: Depending on the plan, your box might be entirely customized with the products you choose that month. Others might let you choose 1-2 products, but the rest will be a surprise. And others? They're like a box of chocolate—you never know what you're going to get.

Customer service, product diversity, sourcing—keep these in mind when choosing your box and scrolling our picks below.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Women That Make Unique, No Brainer Gifts

Best subscription boxes for makeup and beauty

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus — $28.00

Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that sends personalized makeup, skin care, and beauty gear straight to your door. Its most basic plan, Glam Bag, is just $13/month, however, we recommend the Glam Bag Plus, which offers five full-sized products for a fraction of the regular price. Everything comes in a themed drawstring bag, and it’s extra personalized because you get to pick three of the five products in your bag.

What reviews say: “IPSY is like having a whole girl tribe there with you who encourage you to try new things and point you in the right direction for makeup tips. Thank you for allowing me to find a passion I was scared to dive into and thank you for giving me a great way to connect to my preteen nieces.” — Ipsy customer

BirchBox — $15.00

BirchBox is one of the original beauty subscription boxes. Founded in 2010, BirchBox “set out to make the world of beauty and grooming simple.”

For $15/month, you can try samples of the latest and greatest in beauty trends that are curated to match your personalized “Beauty Profile,” which you complete upon signing up. From tried-and-true top dogs in the beauty game, to up-and-coming change-makers, BirchBox lets you sample five new brands each month. Then, if you find something you like, you can buy a full-sized version on the BirchBox store (and similar to Sephora, you can earn Loyalty Points which get you even more discounts).

What reviews say: “I received products I ordered yesterday, and I saw that I also received tea as a bonus (in addition to my mystery sample pack). Thank you so much! I’m really excited to try it. You guys are so awesome! Your products, combined with your excellent customer service and generous reward system, make you the best subscription company I have dealt with!”” — Birchbox customer

Allure Beauty Box — $23.00

For $23/month, Allure will send you a box of six editor-approved beauty products, three of which are full-sized. Like all the boxes, you’ll never get the same product twice. It’s convenient, affordable, and a foolproof way to stay on top of the ins-and-outs of the beauty world.

What reviews say: “This box has the most value I’ve seen for subscription boxes so far – and it’s extremely affordable at $15 or less per month. I keep the boxes it ships in for storage. I’ve only been a subscriber for 2 months, but I’m extremely happy so far!”—Allure Beauty Box customer

Walmart Beauty Box — $7.00

The Walmart Beauty Box is a hidden gem. For just $7 per quarter, Walmart will send you seasonal beauty goodies four times a year, with at least one full-sized sample in every box.

To sign up, you fill out a personalized profile so you can receive hand-picked beauty items to match your skin tone, hair type, and general beauty practices. Next, sit back and sample budget-friendly beauty you can find right at your local Walmart.

What reviews say: “I have been getting the Walmart beauty box for a number of years now. It comes with some samples and some coupons for the products. It has gone down in contents recently but is still ok and it’s fun to get and try the new products.”—Walmart customer

Petite Vour — $15.00

If you want all things vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free, look no further than Petit Vour.

Using your custom profile and preferences, the brand will send at least $50 of curated, carefully vetted, and plant-based products straight to your door for just $15/month. Expect samples and full-size products, and rack up brand points to spend the Petit Vour store every time you leave a review.

What reviews say: “I’ve subscribed to this box for 8 months. Every month there are enough products that I use to make it worth the price. Most often I have received one full size or deluxe size sample. I found I loved the ingredients and quality of products much more than what I was receiving from Birchbox. Birchbox got cancelled and I happily continue this subscription. Also Petit Vour recently started awarding points for reviews!”

Kinder Beauty Box — $26.00

For just $26 a month, Kinder Beauty will send you up to $165 worth of vegan, cruelty free wellness products from top brands like Osea, Pacifica, and Three Ships. Each month is themed, so the products will be curated around depending on that month’s beat. For instance, January 2022 was “Fresh Start” to get you kicked off int the new year. Similarly, February’s box was all about self-love and indulging yourself with woman-owned brands. Sign up for a six month plan today, and Kinder will even throw a free box in with your subscription.

What reviews say: ‘This is my favorite subscription! I love every box! So many wonderful/clean options! I renewed for 6 more months! Kinder (kind-er) is the best! And customer service is wonderful too!” — Kinder Beauty Box

scentbird perfume subscription
Scentbird — $16.00

Mix up your daily fragrances with Scentbird, which sends you a travel-sized bottle of the perfume of your choice each month.

If you like to use different perfumes for different days, Scentbird will let you try out multiple perfumes without a pile of full-sized bottles collecting dust on your dresser. Take a quiz to get some recs on the perfect scent for you, and then you can select those or any perfumes from their entire catalog, which includes both niche and designer brands.

What reviews say: I’ve subscribed and dropped several subscription services over the years, but Scentbird is the only one I absolutely can’t live without! It’s an affordable way to build a fantastic scent collection.” — Scentbird customer

Best subscription boxes for foodies

Universal Yums — $15.00

Taste the world without ever leaving your living room with Universal Yums, a snack-based subscription box featuring cookies, candies, and crackers from around the globe.

With 1,3,6, and 12 month subscription options, Universal Yums sends you a country-themed box of global goodies that are equally delicious and adventurous. Past boxes include Greece (which included baklava and pomegranate jelly), the UK (clotted cream fudge and pickled onion rings), and Thailand (banana coconut roll and salty pineapple candy.) Yum.

What reviews say:Absolutely LOVE this box. It’s an adventure for certain. Whether we like all the treats or not we still enjoy how nicely this box is put together (the card with all the treat/country facts is great). Awesome sub box!” — Universal Yums customer

UrthBox — $20.00

UrthBox is all about natural, organic, non-GMO snacking, so you can save the trip to Whole Foods.

Start by choosing your box size, which range from mini (which include more than seven full-sized snacks for $20/month) to large (27+ snacks for $50/month). Then, get to snacking—from granola and trail mix, to juices and cleanses, UrthBox is an easy way to try new brands and make snacking that much easier.

What reviews say: “This is an epic subscription. The customer service is awesome. The food is great. Definitely a keeper!” — Urthbox customer

Trade Coffee Club — $15.00

Caffeine lovers and wannabe baristas: If you want to expand your coffee palate, then join the Trade Coffee Club.

Trade partners with 400+ independent, sustainably sourced roasters, so you’re bound to get the best of the best. There are two subscription tiers: The Hookup, which features adventurous flavors at $15-$22 a bag, or The Classics, which ships “approachable, easy-to-love coffees at unbeatable prices.” Everything is personalized, hand-selected by Trade’s team to match your personal flavor profile, drinking preferences, and delivery cadences.

What reviews say: Nowhere else offers such a variety of coffees and the experience of knowing where coffee is from, how to brew it, and how roasters roast their coffee! Trade is 10/10 easy!” — Trade customer

vegan cuts
Vegancuts — $25.00

Whether you’ve been a vegan for half your life or are just starting to dabble in plant-based foods, Vegancuts has something for you.

Each month, Vegancuts will send at least 10 sweet and savory vegan treats to your home. Think: plant-based snacks, protein substitutes, healthy drinks, and more. At just $25/month, it’s an affordable service that won’t break your monthly grocery budget.

What reviews say: “I really loved it… every box I received was full or delicious and healthy snacks.” — Vegancuts customer

Bake Eat Love — $32.00

Want to make artisan cakes and bakery-worthy pastries? Let Bake Eat Love show you how.

Each box includes pre-measured dry ingredients, easy-to-follow recipe cards, and a bonus (for example: spatulas, flavorings, ladles). As for the recipes, these aren’t your basic chocolate chip cookie kits. They’re unique and seasonal, encouraging bakers to cook outside of their comfort zones for some serious treats.

What reviews say: “I bought the Bake Eat Love Box subscription as a gift for my 12-year-old daughter. She loves baking and learning new recipes. It has been a highlight in our home. Each new recipe is fun for her to try and it comes with practically everything you need to complete the recipe. She loves that she gets a new baking tool every month and the delivery of the box is on point. It’s so cute, wrapped with care and really the perfect gift for someone who loves to bake. We recently renewed our monthly subscription because we love it so much!” — Bake Eat Love customer

sips by tea subscription box
Sips by — $16.00

Sips by is a female-owned tea subscription brand that will let you try new teas from all over the world.

Fill out a profile online and then each month, based on your unique taste preferences, Sips by will send you four premium teas (enough for 16+ cups) from over 150 brands that span from local farms to international brands. Also included are tea filters, steeping guidelines, and tasting notes.

What reviews say: “Absolutely love my sipsby box. I did my profile and received everything that fits my style. Can’t wait for more!” —Sips By customer

togu knives subscription
Togu Knives — $24.00

Always have sharp knives at the ready with Togu, a subscription service that ships you two sharp knives every eight weeks.

No matter if you’re an amateur or pro in the kitchen, dull knives are a drag. You pay a monthly fee ($24), and Togu Knives makes sure you stay sharp by sending you a 7″ santoku and 3.5″ paring knife, and then replaces them with a fresh, hand-sharpened pair every eight weeks (you send the old ones back in the box).

What reviews say: “Togu Knives is a great solution for a home chef looking for consistently sharp knives. I was having a hard time pulling the trigger on a new set of knives. As you know not cheap for a good set. So this service got me over the hump for 6 months or so. Never had a dull knife in the house during that time. I highly recommend Togu, You will not be disappointed.”— Togu customer

daily harvest
Daily Harvest — $75.00

Up your fruit and vegetable intake with minimal effort by getting plant-based snacks and meals delivered straight to your door from Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest’s food items are made with mostly organic ingredients, and the produce is frozen on the day of harvest to maximize for taste, antioxidants, and nutrients. You can choose between small (nine items), medium (14 items), and large (24 items) boxes, pick whatever items you want—soups, smoothies, bowls, flat breads, lattes, bites, and even desserts—and schedule your delivery either weekly or monthly. Healthy eating has never been easier.

What reviews say: I really appreciate having a simplified method of preparing unique plant based meals. With numerous superfoods included as ingredients. This is especially important in the current climate to pamper your immune system as much as possible with a healthy diet.” — Daily Harvest customer

usual wines red wine subscription
Usual Wines — $48.00

Enjoy a glass of wine without having to waste the rest of the bottle with a Usual Wines subscription of small batch wines.

The wines from Usual Wines are all made from sustainably farmed California grapes, with no additives or chemicals added. You can order individual boxes or a monthly subscription at a cost of $8/glass; each box comes with 6-24 bottles that provide a large pour you can enjoy by yourself or share with a friend.

What reviews say: “I originally ordered for the hype around the Rose, but I really love the Red. I find myself going through it pretty fast so I’ve changed to a subscription. Very happy with the bottle size and the quality.” — Usual Wines customer

Vosges Signature Club Haut Chocolate 3-Month Subscription — $190.00

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this haut chocolate subscription from Vosges. The 3-month subscription gives you up to three indulgent collections delivered monthly to give you a little taste of fine, Parisian chocolate with each shipment. Think: artisan truffles, gooey caramel marshmallows, tasty peanut butter bonbons, and more.

What reviews say:Sending these as a gift have never disappointed.” — Vosges customer

Best subscription boxes for moms

The Dashing Squad — $49.00

A box for Baby and Mom?! Oh yeah.

The Dashing Squad is a “Mommy & Me” box full of artisan products from small business vendors. There’s something for Mom (organic beauty products, candles) and something for your little one (organic onesies, books, toys). It’s shipped quarterly and makes for an unboxing experience you both can enjoy.

What reviews say: I really enjoyed this box! Very high quality and thoughtfully curated items for my son and me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved each item, and I can’t wait to try the loofah and soap. The necklace is very pretty, and the blanket is a perfect size.” — The Dashing Squad customer

Mama Needs — $36.00

Mama Needs is a mom-founded self-care subscription for tired parents.

Each box is themed based on what “Mama Needs.” For example, in March’s “Mama Needs Coffee” box, subscribers received their coffee fix plus caffeinated—themed products to enjoy it with. In July’s “Mama Needs a Vacation” box, everything was summer-themed. At just $36/month, it’s a great way for parents to get a little self-care delivered right to their doors.

What reviews say: I’ve gotten two boxes, and both were great! Definitely recommend this box company to everyone… My husband was even reading the products!” — Mama Needs customer

Stitch Fix Maternity — $20.00

Like the original version, Stitch Fix Maternity sends hand-picked maternity clothes as much or as little as you want. From the first trimester to postpartum, stylists will pick out clothing for you to try. Whatever you like, you buy (the $20 styling fee is credited to your selections). Everything else, you send back, free of charge.

What reviews say: “Stitch Fix is incredibly convenient and time saving for those of us who do not have a lot of free time or patience to go shopping and really find what we want/need, but income is so unstable and inconsistent for many of us right now, so I had decided to cancel my membership at least until this pandemic is over and life can go back to normal (????). Then I encountered their customer service department, which is absolutely amazing, and I am now a lifer.” — Stitch Fix customer

Ecocentric Mom Box — $38.00

Like its name suggests, the Ecocentric Mom Box is all about natural, organic, and pregnancy-safe products. Boxes all contain hand-selected, healthy products that match every phases of pregnancy, and beyond. Think: organic bath salts, belly bands, natural pre-natal vitamins, etc. It’s a great gift for the eco-conscious mom in your life (or for yourself!)

What reviews say: “My wife LOVED these boxes! She didn’t enjoy her pregnancy too much so these boxes really cheered her up each month. Thank you Ecocentric Mom for helping make my wifes pregnancy just that much more enjoyable!” — Ecocentric Mom box

Oh Baby Box — $36.00

Another pregnancy and postpartum box, Oh Baby Boxes contain 6-8 full-size pregnancy-safe products in each shipment. Product range from beauty and wellness to maternity fashion, so it’s sure to keep you on your toes. Best part is, it’s customized to your due date, so every box meets the unique phase of whatever phase of pregnancy you’re in.

What reviews say: My first box I received was awesome ! So many organic and helpful full size items ! I cannot wait to receive my next box this month , if you’re deciding whether or not to get this item, you should definitely go for it ! Love oh baby boxes.” — Oh Baby customer

bump box pregnancy box
Bump Boxes — $50.00

This pregnancy box isn’t a monthly one, but rather is designed by trimester to pamper expecting moms at each stage of pregnancy.

Each box contains 5-7 full-size products and include things like a water bottle and acupressure band to decrease nausea (first trimester), a sleep mask and belly butter (second trimester), and a foot soak and wood massager (third trimester).

What reviews say: “I am ordering for the third time from BumpBoxes and am SURE it won’t be my last. My daughter in law loved her subscription (6 months). She was always so excited to await her next box.” — Bump Boxes customer


Best home decor subscription boxes

Decocrated — $90.00

If you’re big on redecorating your space and going all out for all the seasons and major holidays, meet your new favorite subscription box. Decocrated will send you a curated box everything three months, featuring tastefully selected decor items for the season. In each box, you get up to eight pieces (think signs, garland, vases, throw pillows, and more) and a styling guide. Plus, as a subscriber, you get special pricing when it comes to shopping from Decocrated’s shop. Choose from a quarterly subscription ($90—the most popular), or annual ($75).

Best subscription boxes for fitness

Fabletics — $50.00

While technically not a subscription box, Fabletics offers a unique VIP membership model for shopping athleisure wear. To join, you’ll be charged $50 monthly, which can be redeemed for an outfit or item up to $80 online or in-store. Once you choose, it’ll be shipped straight to your door. And if you don’t want to shop that month, you can skip or roll over credits as you like. VIP members get 20-50% off everything and free access to the Fabletics FIT app.

What reviews say: “I love Fabletics products. The bras and leggings are perfect for workouts but also provide comfort all day long. I can pair the leggings with a professional top and wear them to work, which helps provide me with the flexibility I need as a physical therapist but still look professional. I love the options and styles they offer and feel good in everything I’ve purchased. They also fit true to size, so I never have to guess about what I’m getting.” — Fabletics customer

Cairn — $35.00

Hikers, bikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts: Cairn is the box for you. Its monthly collection plan starts at $35/month, which includes up to $50 of best-in-class outdoor goodies. It’s not just trail mix and protein bars—there’s emergency gear, navigation essentials, camping accessories, and more.

What reviews say: “Love this one. Have never been disappointed. Have been getting boxes for about 6 months and they are always a treat.” — Cairn customer

Dia & Co. — $50.00

Dia & Co. is a super cute apparel brand known for its inclusive sizes and trendy pieces. While you can shop for clothes like at any other retailer, it also has two subscription boxes, one of which ships select activewear pieces to your doorstep each month.

Similar to Stitch Fix’s “pay for what you want” model, the Dia Activewear Box sends 5 hand-picked selects for you to try on based on a quiz you initially take. You pay for what you keep and send back whatever you don’t want free of charge. Yep—it’s that simple.

What reviews say: “I got my first box recently and the quality was amazing, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep anything out of it. I was able to send everything back very easily. I was also able to give notes to my stylist for a better 2nd box (which I’ve already ordered!). I’m excited to see what’s to come.”— Dia & Co. customer

YogaClub — $79.00

If you’re tired of wearing the same old yoga pants and flowy tanks during your flows, checkout the YogaClub box.

You’ll start by completing your personal style profile which helps YogaClub’s team of stylists select $200 worth of the right apparel for you. Curated boxes arrive once a month, and include a cute new outfit, plus premier savings on other yoga essentials. It’s an easy way to give your studio look a refresh.

What reviews say:I enjoy Yoga Club every 2 months. I actually cancelled my membership and came back with the $59 box for life. Makes the box a much better value!” — YogaClub customer

RunLocker — $45.00

RunLocker is the running box designed by runners for runners. Each box includes all your road and trail-running essentials, like energy goods, protein mixes, running accessories, and athletic apparel. The brand “selects the best products from well-known brands and small independent companies,” so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

What reviews say: I’ve had 3 boxes from Runlocker so far, and I love it. It’s gotten me a lot of things I didn’t know I needed and introduced me to some cool brands!” — Runlocker customer

Best subscription boxes with full-sized products

FabFitFun — $50.00

FabFitFun is a favorite for full-size beauty products and just about everything else. The seasonal subscription box ships quarterly, sending you themed goodies from premier lifestyle brands across beauty, wellness, tech, home décor—you name it. Before each send, you’ll be asked to select a few products to include In your box, but the rest is a total surprise. It’s a fun way to treat yourself, or it could make for an amazing gift.

What reviews say: “I love FFF. I’ve been a customer for three years now and it just keeps getting better. Your shipping times are always right on time. I don’t have to wait for months to receive my box, unlike my other box subscriptions.” —FabFitFun customer

COCOTIQUE — $25.00

COCOTIQUE is a WOC-founded subscription box designed for other Black, brown and women of color. The monthly subscription service starts at just $25/month and includes 5-8 full-sized and deluxe samples from top and emerging brands that cater to women of color. Everything is curated to meet your unique hair texture, skin tone, and other preferences. COCOTIIQUE takes the guesswork out of beauty for WOC.

What reviews say:I love COCOTIQUE! I have subscribed to various beauty boxes and this is the best one by far. The items are high quality and there is always something I would definitely purchase again. I use everything in the box and I’m building a great bath and beauty arsenal!” — COCOTIQUE customer

Beachly — $99.00

Sun seekers—get a dose of summer delivered to your door four times a year with Beachly. For $99 that’s billed quarterly, Beachly will send you a box that’s packed to the gills with seasonal beach themed goodies. From surf-centric home decor, like pineapple candles and shell-patterned ring dishes, to ocean-inspired beauty products, it’s the ultimate box for beach lovers. Available in women’s, men’s, and beauty-focused boxes, too.

What reviews say: This was my first box subscription purchase. The Fall box was worth every penny. Great quality products. I have since ordered other boxes from other companies that didn’t compare filled with random , cheap stuff. Thank you for Beachly for the beautiful items! The winter box looks great too!” — Beachly customer

The Detox Box — $40.00

The Detox Market’s subscription service is dedicated to bringing “exceptional green beauty” straight to your door. For $60/month, each box includes at least $90 of full-sized clean beauty products that meet the brand’s high expectations. If you sign up for a longer subscription, the monthly price drops (e.g., $46/month for a three-month subscription, and $40/month for a six-month subscription). From powerful peels and silky serums, to heavenly hair cleanses and rich body lotions, you’re sure to unbox something you love.

What reviews say: “Awesome box with well-curated products and amazing value.” — The Detox Box customer

Love Goodly — $35.00

If you’re on the hunt for plant-based beauty products, Love Goodly is worth a look. Boxes contain four full-sized vegan, cruelty-free products from brands that take clean, nontoxic beauty seriously. The bimonthly subscription ships every two months, and you’re billed accordingly, too.

What reviews say: “Great value box, good variety of products including beauty, health, snacks/tea and jewelry. No problems with shipping. Canceling was a breeze too, fast customer service.” —Love Goodly customer

Alltrue — $50.00

Another seasonal subscription box, Alltrue is all about impact. The box contains only sustainably-sourced, ethically-made products, including jewelry, homewares, wellness products, skincare, and more. Each quarter, you customize your box to your liking (all from socially-good vendors). You can also add on products for up to 70 percent off the normal price in the members-only market.

What reviews say: I think Alltrue is great. I’ve loved every single product I’ve gotten. They are a company with a positive mission! They really do strive to make a difference in the world. Sometimes their box is late, but so what? You get a great box that does some good in the world.” — Alltrue customer

Therabox — $35.00

Wouldn’t it be nice if you started your month off with a little self care to help you get through it? That’s the whole point of Therabox, which gives you $120 worth of self-care goodies packaged and shipped straight to your door on a monthly basis. As for the products, expect an assortment of all-things self-care, like stress-reducing skin serums, affirmation cards, relaxing candles, wellness journals, and more.

What reviews say: “I am extremely happy with my Therabox subscription. Beautiful products and gorgeous presentation. There are a nice range of products, not just bath and beauty.” — Therabox customer

Editor's note: While we suggest subscription boxes for both women in this article, we only do this based on search results. You can wear whichever box want, however you identify.

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