The Derm-Approved, Drugstore Soap to Shower With After a Workout

The idea of "gym bag beauty" is nothing new. When your mornings consist of a mad-dash from your bed to a workout class and straight to the office, it's inevitable that you've got at least a few staples that have a permanent home inside your everyday tote. But in addition to the usual dry shampoo and two-in-one lipstick-blush you've got in there, there's one skin-care ingredient that should always be a part of both your post-sweat sesh beauty routine.

When it's time to hit the shower, stock up on something laced with sulfur, which won't only help get you clean, but can also help to squelch fungus and bacteria from your sweat sesh. "Sulfurs are really good antibacterial and anti yeast medicine, and it’s good to use almost like a preventative antibiotic on the skin because it prevents acne-causing yeast from accumulating," explains Virginia-based dermatologist Lily Talakoub, MD of McLean Dermatology and Skincare. Take note: The ingredient can be drying, so if you have dry skin or normal skin that feels parched after showering with it, skip this step and return to your business-as-usual soap.

If you're planning to skip the shower, you can find sulfur body products which can similarly work their magic. Just be sure to avoid any products with silicone or dimethicone in them when you know you'll be working up a sweat, because,  "if you sweat it’s going to sit on your skin and it’s going to trap all of the sweat and the bacteria and makeup in your pores." Um, gross.

And as for your face?

"Glycolic acid should be the number one ingredient you choose for before or after you workout," says Dr. Talakoub. "It’s an exfoliant, so it’s going to prevent the bacteria and the sweat from clogging the pores, so you should do it before or after."

Your best bet, according to Dr. Talakoub, is to bookend your workout routine by giving your face once-over with a glycolic pad. "What you do is you wipe your face before your workout so that all of your makeup comes off and everything, and the glycolic prevents the sweat and stuff from clogging your pores. And then after you workout, you can rinse off and wipe your face again," she says.

Upgrade your gym bag beauty routine with glycolic wipes and sulfur washes and your skin will actually glow instead of a sweat-induced glisten.

Now that you know what to use before and after your workout, try this product that's specifically designed to do it's job while you're getting your sweat on. And to give your body the same glyocolic treatment you're giving your face, try one of these AHA body washes that will make dry, dead skin (and leftover sweat and grime) melt away.

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