Is Your Beauty Routine Warm-Weather Ready? Here’s Your Summer Glow-up Guide

You’ve got your winter beauty routine down to a science (thick night cream, hydrating mask, repeat), but your summer sitch? It’s a little more complicated than just adding SPF. (Pssst, did you know you need sunscreen for your hair, too?)

Just like you swap out sweaters for shorts in your biannual closet changeover, your beauty routine should undergo a similar shift to meet the changing needs of your skin. To help with the transition, we rounded up nine products that'll keep your summer glow on-point from head to pedicured toe.

How do we know these glow-boosting gems are legit? Because they're all part of Ulta Beauty's collection of summer products, expertly curated to help you (and your beauty goals) beat the heat.

Scroll down to see the summer beauty products to add to your warm-weather regimen—and click on the hotspots to learn why each one is a must-have.

In partnership with Ulta Beauty

Top photo: Stocksy

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