How to Live Your Best Summer Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Taking a cross-country train trip, stargazing ‘till dawn, turning your patio into a jungle paradise—there are as many ways to spend your summer hours as there are ingredients in an ultra-hydrating fruit salad.

And while this might sound exciting on the surface, the pressure to squeeze as many memories as possible into those 99 days—and to ensure you’re choosing the right activities—can be a little overwhelming. One way to help narrow down your warm-weather to-do list? Look at it from the perspective of your zodiac sign.

That’s right, the stars can clue you in to where you should be focusing your energy this summer for max returns, whether it’s dating, traveling, or hitting up all the networking happy hours. Here, astrologer Rose Theodora gives a rundown of how summer uniquely affects each sign, based on where the sun sits in your chart from late June to late August. Your best life starts now—make sure you're living it until the autumnal equinox rolls around.

Keep reading to find out how the summer season impacts your zodiac sign.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign
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As an energetic, Mars-ruled fire sign, Aries are at risk for burning out in the summer heat if they don’t actively slow their roll. “Spring is when they’re most alive, so by the time summer rolls around, they're all about the home and family,” says Theodora. As a cardinal sign, she adds, Aries thrive when initiating plans with their loved ones. Water-based activities are a good bet—scuba trip with the cousins, maybe?—as are Mediterranean-inspired meals when cooking for the fam. “Aries tend to like spicy foods, but in the summer, they should eat more calming stuff, like cold pasta salads and Greek food,” says Theodora. Bring on the beet hummus.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Save your international getaways for another time, bulls. According to the cosmos, your best summer takes place closer to home. “For Taurus, it’s about short-distance trips in summer,” says Theorodra. “July is great for driving and road trips, and August becomes more about staying home.” This sign should also check themselves when indulging in roadside BBQs and ice-cream stands. “They have a sensitive digestive system, so for them it’s about healthy choices they can eat on the go,” Theodora notes. Good thing there are killer vegan-friendly restaurants in all 50 states.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


While everyone else is taking advantage of summer Fridays, Geminis would be wise to spend the first half of the season billing a few extra hours at work—this is the best time of year for them to establish financial security for the months to come, says Theodora. (Sorry, guys.) Once the second half of summer rolls around, she says, Geminis should think about spending more time with their siblings and friends. “They’re more interested in group activities than doing things solo—anything that involves getting a community together,” says Theodora. Time to finally organize that women’s circle?

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Summer kicks off with Cancer season, which means this sign is, well, happy as a crab until the end of July. “The sun is in Cancers' first house in July, so they'll feel really good physically on a normal day,” says Theodora. “They're more social in the summer, and that’s when they'll express the most positive attributes of what it is to be a Cancer—like cooking or taking care of people. They just need to make sure they're eating fresh fruits and vegetables, because Cancers like to indulge in the summer.” In late July,  expect the focus to shift to budgets and money as the sun moves into Cancer's second house—look for free ways to have fun, like a beach workout.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


If your Leo friend is uncharacteristically MIA from the summer social swirl this month, there’s a reason for it. “Leo, believe it or not, wants to retreat in July,” says Theodora. “This is when they want to meditate, connect with their spiritual sides, and get in touch with what they want.” But this won’t last long—late July and early August are when this extroverted, Sun-ruled sign shines brightest. “In August, they feel refreshed and should be with people,” says Theodora. “They always indulge in food, so they need a lot of activity. Spontaneous activities are best.”

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Thanks to their Indian Summer birthdays, Virgos are in their element when the weather heats up. “July is all about their friends,” says Theodora. But they should prepare to majorly shift gears in the second half of summer, she adds. “August is about getting quiet and gaining control of their mind, because Virgos' minds goes nuts with overanalyzing. For them, it’s mental wellness, really.” She suggests finding support via technology—a meditation app, perhaps?—so that they’re ready to take the spotlight when their b-days roll around.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


If you’re a Libra, you shouldn’t turn down any opportunities for after-work drinks during the first half of summer. “In July, Libra is super career focused,” says Theodora. “It’s their best time be out in the world and get promoted.” Tell your squad you’ll be back in the mix come August. “This is when Libras are super active and busy with big groups of friends,” Theodora says. They just need to balance all this activity with some chill time. “As far as their exercise, they’re very mystical—they like to engage in yoga and meditation,” Theodora explains. If you want to get your partner in on the action, try hitting up a co-ed naked yoga class.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Passports at the ready, Scorpions. “For Scorpio, July is about expanding their mind and viewpoint,” says Theodora. “Planning a trip abroad for the summer is their best bet—they can go on a retreat, take a course, anything to expand their horizons. In August, they apply those things at work.” Scorpios can handle the spiciest foods of summer—hello, vegan tacos with extra jalapeño—and the spiciest workouts, too. “They need intense activity with short bursts that exhaust them,” says Theodora. “Boxing is really good for Scorpios.”

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


Forget swimsuits—Sagittarians should be investing in new lingerie once July rolls around. “This is when they’re at their most sensual. It’s when they want to go away with a lover, when they feel emotional,” says Theodora. “August is when they can take all of that emotional awareness and share their feelings with others or teach.” This is a prime time for Sags to take dance classes—and while other signs might gag at the thought of the keto diet in high temps, this one can take it. “They love rich, fatty foods, and it’s okay for them, depending on how they’re feeling,” says Theodora. “I would say choose avocados, omegas, fish, and other healthy fats.” (Yes, that's permission to spring for extra guac all summer long.)

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


If there’s one time of year when Capricorns should give their dating app profiles a BDE refresh, this is it. “The whole summer is about love for Capricorns,” says Theodora. “That’s when they lock down their relationships and make them secure.” When it comes to planning IRL hangs, goats should consider doing something active. (Activewear is the preferred first-date uniform, you know.) “They need a person to work out with, whether it’s going to a group class or exercising with a friend—they need to talk while they work out,” Theodora says. And load up on all the fruits (and acai bowls) of summer, Capricorns—they’re perfectly in line with your light, bird-like eating style.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


While many of us are letting our chores and wellness routines slide in favor of summer fun, the opposite is true for Aquarians. "They’re all about getting their health in check in July. That’s when they schedule their doctors’ appointments, that’s when they organize their lives and ask, Am I taking good care of myself?” Theodora says, noting that emotional eating is something they should watch out for. “The latter half of the summer is when they’re ready to have more fun—but it’s more one-on-one fun.” Aquarians should also consider moving their workouts to the pool. “For them, swimming is the best activity,” Theodora says.

How to live your best summer life, according to your zodiac sign


If there was an astrological party-animal mascot of early summer, it’d be the fish. “July is when Pisces overindulge and lose themselves,” says Theodora. “Even their workouts have to be fun. They have to be seen.” The upside to this? Pisces are the first ones to get back into responsibility mode at the office, which may earn them major brownie points with their bosses. “In August, they’re doing the clean-up work. They prepare for fall before everyone else. We can look to them to see what’s coming up,” says Theodora. But let's not think about that quite yet, mmmkay?

If you still haven't booked your summer vacation plans, the stars can help you decide where to travel, too. And if you're staying close to home, here's the best way to de-stress for your sign.

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