The All-Natural Way to Create a Flawless Summer Glow, in 4 Steps

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Al fresco dinners, beach strolls, and rosé spritzes just go better with an effortlessly luminous summer glow. The hitch? You live by your SPF—and definitely don't have time for elaborate makeup routines.

To help you rock that sun-kissed glow for your (many) photo-ops without all the mirror time, we tapped makeup artist Mathieu Vetere-Rivera, manager of artistry and product at bareMinerals, to spill all the knowledge on exactly how to get that flawless-face look—with minimal effort.

How to get that flawless-face look—with minimal effort.

The key is in bareMinerals' whisper-light mineral powders, which give you all the coverage you want, sans any weird chemicals (seriously, you can sleep in this stuff without breaking out).

We captured the steps of this easy guide under Vetere-Rivera's tutelage to show you the quickest way to add some radiance to your complexion, so you can get back to your regular summer programming.

Scroll down to see the 4 steps in action—then shop for the products to create the look yourself.

Step 1: Swirl

To start, sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid of your foundation container, and swirl a foundation brush around the lid until the bristles are properly coated.

The Original Loose Powder Foundation rocks a cult-fave formula (it's been internet-famous for legit two decades) that lasts up to eight hours, and protects your skin with SPF 15. Bonus: It comes in 30 shades, and you can find your match with an easy online quiz.

Step 2: Tap

Next, tap the brush against the lid to remove excess powder (you shouldn't be able to see any foundation on the outside of the brush). Keeping the minerals tucked into the bristles ensures even application, which prevents you from having to deal with any post-foundation awkward streaks.

Step 3: Buff

Vetere-Rivera demonstrated the buffing technique (which as you can see above is super easy to replicate yourself), and said the trick is using a circular motion, starting near your cheekbones. Then move up to your forehead, cheeks, and finally nose, starting with a sheer layer of coverage (less is more!) and building up to fuller coverage if desired.

Step 4: Apply

Follow the same swirl, tap, buff process for the finishing touch to your look: Mineral Veil Finishing Powder. The sheer powder helps to sets makeup in place, absorbs excess oil, and diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines. And, depending on which of the four shades you choose, it can add a soft matte finish or a luminous glow. Summer selfie-ready in five minutes flat—how's that?

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Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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