5 Thoughts You Have When the Summer Scaries Happen

Photo: Stocksy/Liliya Rodnikova
People are always talking about having the Sunday scaries like it's the end of the world. I have a question for these people: Have they never been alive the last week before Labor Day? Do they not know the dreadful sense of foreboding associated with the end of summer? Labor Day is now just a few sleeps away which means there's nothing I can do to stop the onset of fall. Fall is a four-letter word, and I'm basically dead inside.


If you're anything like me and have crawled into a hole so as to avoid saying goodbye to summer, you know that I'm having a lot of thoughts right now, like:

1. Dammit, it's PSL season


I just got settled into my 5 p.m. frosé routine and you're telling me I need to trade that in for pumpkin spice lattes now? No, thank you. I'm not ready. Talk to me when it's October and there are actual pumpkins at the farmers' market.

2. &@^!, I have to overhaul my wardrobe


Sweater-weather people, I don't care about the joys of going boot shopping and wearing nubby cardigans. I want to keep wearing my summer uniform of flat sandals and flow-y dresses around for a while longer.

Also, I really don't think you understand how little closet space I have. Are you fully comprehending the stamina that's required to completely switch out my seasonal clothes? Those under-the-bed boxes don't move themselves!

3. *$%#, I have to go back to work


Sunday scaries times a million. You know why? Because.

This is an actual clip of me at work during the summer:


Me at work the rest of the year:


Everyone is back and totally checked in, which means I have to be, too, and suddenly I'm working like a crazy type-y cat (no offense to cats) and stress-raging at my assistant and wondering when I can put in my next PTO request. Serenity now...

4. Ugh, I did absolutely nothing fabulous this summer and I only have four days left


Okay, but I swear that I wanted to do all the things, like rooftop movie screenings and block parties and camping weekends and tropical vacations and backyard BBQs. But, seriously, how was I supposed to know I'd get so busy with The Bold Type and Insecure? I'm just saying, I have a lot of TV to watch. Anyway, want to go to the beach this weekend?

5. Saturday Bikram class is going to be super-crowded again


Summer yoga is so nice. I can move from pose to pose without freaking out that I'm about to hit the person next to me. Now I'm going to go back to slipping on the sweat that someone else is dripping onto my mat. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

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