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The Summer Solstice Is Set To Heat Up Our Emotions—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The summer solstice, which arrives on June 21 and marks the official start to the sunniest season, generally has a more-is-more energy to it. More hours of sunlight each day and more time to spend in nature tends to summon all the more fun summer plans. But, this year, that high-key vibe is likely going to bring up more emotions, too, says astrologer Narayana Montúfar, thanks to a few coinciding cosmic transits. And people of each zodiac sign can expect to feel that intensity differently, based on how the astrology of the day interacts with the signs.

Because the summer solstice happens on the day when the sun enters Cancer, it marks a full energetic reset, says Montúfar: “Whatever the sun and the planets are doing at this moment in time will affect us over the next three months, until the fall equinox arrives.” In this year’s case, the sun will form a tough square with the moon, “which may mean that our egos will clash with our emotions,” she says. Paired with the fact that the moon, which rules over emotions, is in quick-tempered Aries, this could result in fiery and impulsive feelings. “Taking time to think before speaking or acting will be crucial to avoid confrontation,” says Montúfar.

“Taking time to think before speaking or acting will be crucial to avoid confrontation during the summer solstice.” —astrologer Narayana Montúfar

At the same time, Venus, planet of relationships, will form a supportive trine with Pluto, planet of transformation, bubbling up the potential for positive change in close partnerships, she adds. But, figuring out how to take those intimate bonds to the next level will require carefully channeling the high emotions of this period toward “healing on a deeper level,” says Montúfar. Below, she shares just how these emotions will show up for each of the zodiac signs as the summer solstice arrives, and offers advice on how to harness them accordingly.

Here’s how the astrology of the summer solstice may affect each zodiac sign, according to an astrologer


With the moon in your fiery sign during the solstice, you won't be surprised to learn you could have some particularly unwieldy emotions rise to the surface, Aries. Being able to channel all those feelings into productive energy is your challenge, says Montúfar: "This will allow you to bring a cherished goal to fruition or get more invested in a passion." At the same time, be sure to care for yourself amid the emotional upheaval. "This is a good time to try a new healing modality," she adds.


Thanks to Pluto's aforementioned support in its trine with your ruling planet of Venus, you could find the emotional strength to do some real work in the relationships department, Taurus. "You'll be asked to dive deeply into the motives that keep you in certain relationships, and perhaps to end connections that are no longer aligned with your growth," says Montúfar. And if a relationship seems to end by itself during this time? Her advice is to avoid resisting and to let it go.


On the heels of your luckiest day of the year (June 20), the summer solstice will just continue the good vibes for you, Gemini. "Lucky Geminis will be asked to speak their truth, as the moon will be forming a positive sextile with their ruling planet of Mercury in their sign," says Montúfar. That makes this a great day to begin a project that's close to your heart, as you could find it brings a high return on investment, she adds.


With the sun moving into your sign (happy birthday season!), you could feel as if luck is on your side as the solstice hits. "This is your yearly opportunity to set new goals and create new habits to support them and the person you are becoming," says Montúfar. Because that's certainly a tall order, it's also important to have some patience, she adds: You can feel all the feels and plan for all the things without rushing to make them all happen immediately.


Deep introspection is on the docket for you, Leo. Once your season arrives in a few weeks, you'll receive a burst of energy and fervor, but for now? That's all the more reason to reserve your resources, says Montúfar, as the summer solstice touches your 12th house of the inner psyche. "Getting rest from the outside world will help you attain more clarity as you figure out what you want to bring to life in the year ahead," she says.


You especially resonate with the new-season energy of the summer solstice because it kicks off the quarter of the year that wraps up in your season, Virgo. "This is a period of time during which you can see completion," says Montúfar, "with the beginning of the summer being a time to network and launch new projects that'll come to fruition during your September season."


Your summery energetic boom could come in the form of new ambitions at work, Libra. The sun's positioning during the solstice activates your 10th house of career, which could make now a prime time to "really put yourself out there and show off your abilities," says Montúfar. "Doing so could help you attract the resources you need to bring an important project to fruition."


You could find yourself thinking entirely new thoughts during this time, Scorpio. That's mostly because your ninth house of exploration is activated during the solstice, pushing you to "open your mind and see things from a different perspective," says Montúfar. It's a smart idea to lean into that vibe rather than resort to your comfort zone. "A new idea could help you move closer to success and gain the respect of your peers," Montúfar adds.


Ever the adventurer, you'll actually find the most alignment by slowing down during the solstice, Sagittarius. With the high-intensity energy of the moon in fellow fire sign Aries, you may want to spend some time carefully refining the "give and take in your closest relationships," says Montúfar. "Making adjustments to your intimate bonds can help unleash a new way for you to see the world around you."


Directly opposite to Cancer on the zodiac wheel, you'll likely find the start of Cancer season to be more about relationships than solo work or self-improvement, says Montúfar. In that realm, you may find yourself eager to establish new partnerships, whether in the form of friends, business partners, or romantic interests. This is also a great time to begin working with a life coach or spiritual coach, Montúfar adds, as you may feel particularly receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others.


The summer solstice has a certain get-your-life-together vibe for you, Aquarius. As it highlights your sixth house of daily rituals and wellness, you may be inspired to craft a new routine that better supports your physical or mental health (or both), says Montúfar. In any case, it's important to remember at this time that unless you're nourishing yourself, you won't be able to contribute 100-percent toward relationships, your career, or anything else.


As a fellow water sign, you thrive in Cancer season, Pisces. And for you, the high-emotions vibe of this solstice will only fuel the fun and playful spirit that tends to come over you in early summer. "Give yourself time to enjoy life and reconnect with your inner child," says Montúfar. Not only is that in alignment with your energy, but also, it could help strengthen the bonds you have with your closest friends and family members, she adds.

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