This Year’s Emotional Summer Solstice Could Have You Rethinking Your Relationships—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The summer solstice, which arrives on June 21 and marks the official start to the sunniest season, is an astrological turning point—“a ripening,” says astrologer Chani Nicholas. It brings the longest stretch of daylight we’ll have all year, “and a time to celebrate our own glow and all that lights us up in nature,” she says.

This year, the day and the season to follow will put our relationships into the limelight—and not just because the sun enters nurturing Cancer that day. A few coinciding transits on and around the summer solstice will have us all re-evaluating our connections with others (and ourselves), in different ways for folks of varying zodiac signs.

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What is the astrological significance of the summer solstice?

The symbolism of the summer solstice, in general, makes it a vibrant day for all zodiac signs. As it reflects our entrance into summer, the sun is more present on the solstice than on any other day (for people in the northern hemisphere). And just as it supplies us with life-giving energy, we’re encouraged, on the solstice, to “tend to all that has or will ripen in our own lives,” says Nicholas. “It’s a time of renewal, connection, and centering all that brings light and life.”

What can we expect from the astrology of the summer solstice this year?

The celestial forecast in play when the sun shifts into Cancer this year will offer an early preview of the biggest transit of the summer: Venus retrograde in Leo (beginning July 22). Just as the sun makes its move into the cardinal water sign, it forms a tough semi-square with Venus in fiery Leo—a clash between the “planet of self” (aka the sun) and the “planet of love and pleasure” (aka Venus), says astrologer Narayana Montúfar. As a result, “we’ll likely begin feeling the need to review and rethink how we approach relationships,” she says.

“We’ll likely begin feeling the need to review and rethink how we approach relationships.” —Narayana Montúfar, astrologer

It’s important to tune into conversations and conflict—both internal and external—as the solstice arrives, adds Montúfar. Themes that arise on the day of the solstice could reflect the deep work you can expect to do in your relationships when Venus heads retrograde later this summer.

Adding a dramatic tinge to the emotional undertone of the solstice is the movement of the moon and intense Mars, both of which are also in heart-centered Leo. “This means we will experience the full spectrum of emotions, perhaps to an extreme,” says Montúfar. Naturally, that vibe could filter through to your relationships, generating tiffs or perhaps even bigger conflicts of values or priorities. In short? “This Mars energy can be amazing for standing up for ourselves, but it will also be explosive and highly rebellious,” says Montúfar.

Though potentially tough in the moment, the relationship upheaval will prove beneficial in the long run, she adds. Certain conflicts and even breakups have to happen to make space for “more authentic connection to be born down the road,” says Montúfar.

A piece of good news: Mercury, the planet of communication, also forms a supportive sextile with Mars on the day of the solstice, “helping us to get vocal about a cherished goal,” says Nicholas. Which is to say, you may feel more confident and comfortable expressing what it is that you want from a partnership and beyond, allowing you to turn intentions into action.

Exactly how these energetic shifts will affect you depends on your birth chart. Below, Montúfar shares more details on what all of the zodiac signs can expect from the summer solstice, plus how to harness its energy accordingly.

How the astrology of the summer solstice will affect each of the zodiac signs


The emotional tinge of Cancer season’s beginning may be tough for you to reckon with, Aries. “At some moments this summer, you might feel like your creative juices are dried up,” says Montúfar, “but that’s the furthest from the truth.” Instead, consider that you might be on the cusp of a personal change. To get your mojo back, you might find that you need to “try new things, new flavors, new vistas… and most importantly, a new approach to the relationship you have with yourself,” she says.


You could find that the connections you’re pushed to reexamine this summer are familial ones, Taurus. “Diving into your roots and family dynamics will bring you an incredible amount of healing if you decide to shed light on the stories that need re-writing,” says Montúfar. After all, making peace with your past can be a valuable part of living mindfully in the present.


You’re rarely short on words to share with others, Gemini. But these next few days are all about finding the right ones when it comes to your internal dialogue. “Instead of putting yourself down, try loving yourself more,” says Montúfar. With radical self-love comes an opportunity to create the reality that you desire.


What’s truly valuable for you, Cancer? That’s the question that Montúfar suggests asking yourself as the solstice arrives and the sun shifts into your sign. Its energy activates your first house of self and identity, illuminating the need to change your overall priorities, she says. Be careful of investing too much energy and resources into people and things outside of yourself.


This day is giving serious Leo energy, and there’s no doubt you’re bound to benefit. “With so many planets activating your sign, the season ahead portends major transformation,” says Montúfar. “This will be a season to change the way you carry yourself, how you assert yourself, and how you relate to others.” No biggie, but… by the time fall rolls around, you could have an entirely changed self-perception.


The summer is a balancing act for you, Virgo, between socializing with others, on the one hand, and embracing solo time, on the other. It’ll be important to make decisions on connecting with others versus self based on your intuition, says Montúfar. To better tap into it, consider beginning or deepening a meditation practice, she suggests.


It may come as little surprise to you, Libra—as the Venus-ruled sign of relationships—that the relational undertones of this summer will affect you deeply. “As hard as it might sound, the connections that are no longer truly aligned with your life path could dissolve,” says Montúfar. “It might be time to consider whether those whom you root for actually root back for you in the same passionate way.”


The relationship-related tension—and opportunity—of this year’s solstice connects to the realms of your larger beliefs and purpose in life, Scorpio. Perhaps it’s a relationship that’ll move you to make changes in your career, or maybe a current partnership has to give way for you to focus your energy on the projects that feel genuinely meaningful. In any case, moving with the flow when it comes to your larger life goals this summer will serve you well, says Montúfar.


Buckle down for a perspective shift… or perhaps a reality check this summer, Sagittarius. By the time Leo season rolls around, “the cosmos might bring you an identity crisis or two in an effort to get you to shift your entire mindset and the way you see the world around you,” says Montúfar. So, before that happens, you’d be wise to use the renewal energy of the summer solstice to practice self care, and like the other zodiac signs, lean into the relationships that really matter.


Emotional Cancer season could push you into situations that feel vulnerable, Capricorn… and perhaps uncomfortably so for a force of nature like you, says Montúfar. But remember: The only way to get comfortable with intimacy is to embrace it more often, so when you’re in the company of people whom you love and trust, you’d be wise to open up, says Montúfar, in service of the richer bonds you’ll create.


Connecting deeply with others may not come naturally to you, Aquarius. But with the sun in nurturing Cancer, you may feel encouraged to see relationships in a new light. “Consider that relationships are often mirrors,” says Montúfar. “Whatever you don’t like or appreciate about others can teach you something important about yourself—so pay attention to your interactions.”


You have an opportunity to care for your relationship with yourself this season, Pisces. With both Saturn and Neptune stationing retrograde in your sign on either side of the solstice, you may feel as though the universe is pushing you to review, reassess, or even reimagine what it looks like for you to live your truth. That means going back to basics: Focus on making changes to your daily routine to directly support your mental and physical health, and the rest will follow, says Montúfar.

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