8 Buzzy Summer Wellness Essentials You Can Score for Under $100 From Saks

It happens every year like clockwork: The seasons start to change, and you're suddenly hit with this itch to curate a totally new wardrobe, overhaul your summer wellness routine, and redecorate your living room. (Just us?)

But if giving your whole life a warm-weather makeover isn't exactly in the budget, you don't have to completely give up on your dreams of a breezy summer aesthetic. Instead, opt for a budget-friendly investment (or two) that will give you the most feel-good vibes for your buck.

We're talking skin-nourishing supplements, fun accessories for outdoor workouts, and chill-inducing decor—and Saks.com has it all (with free shipping and free returns, to boot). We curated a few of our top picks from Saks' huge selection of wellness must-haves for every season, from total steals to luxury offerings, to help you feel your best this summer.

Keep scrolling to shop 8 summer wellness essentials that won’t bust your budget.

  1. 1. HUM Nutrition Skin Squad Pre + Probiotic Supplements, $40

    As the days lengthen and social calendars fill, it’s easy to neglect the wellness regimen you’ve worked to maintain throughout the year—so stash this specialized pre- and probiotic blend in your bag so you can bring your well-being routine on the go. Take it any time of day, with or without food, for a bit of TLC for your digestion and complexion.

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  2. 2. The Good Patch Plant-Based B12 Awake Patches 4-Piece Set, $12

    Speaking of packed social schedules, summertime calls for a steady stream of energy. While there’s no shame in ordering an extra iced coffee, you could also try opting for a wearable wellness patch. Infused with caffeine and green tea extract, it can help you stay energized (and crash-free!) for up to 12 hours.

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  3. 3. Tangram Smart Rope Pure, $60

    With your new wave of sustained energy, you might be itching for an exercise shakeup. Jumping rope is the cardio-blast childhood wonder you didn’t know you were missing, and Tangram’s lightweight option syncs to your smartphone to track fitness levels and connect with friends. Did someone say double dutch?

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  4. 4. P.volve Fitness Ball, $60

    When you’re craving a more grounded, less jumpy routine, try this lower-body fitness ball. Designed to target adductor muscles, the P.ball fits snugly between your legs and is totally transportable (read: beach workouts, here you come). Plus, you’ll get 30 days of on-demand streaming access and live Zoom classes when you purchase.

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  5. 5. B Yoga Everyday Yoga Mat, $84

    Steamier weather means stretchier muscles. Take advantage of your limber limbs with quick breaks or longer sessions throughout the day. This mat is designed with every person and practice in mind, from super sweaty to totally Zen. And yes, sunbathing in your backyard totally counts as a meditative practice.

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  6. 6. Objecto Aroma Diffuser, $100

    After coffee runs and workouts—and, of course, barbecues and beach days and glasses of rosé—you deserve a wind-down. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this spa-worthy diffuser, switch on the glowing night light, and say hello to instant chill.

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  7. 7. Halfmoon Cork Massage Ball Trio, $30

    You’ve activated mood lighting and infused the living room with eucalyptus (check, check). Next up: self-healing. Using these cork balls, lean against a wall, a chair, or the floor to relieve tension, increase circulation, and calm your nervous system. The pack includes two sizes for varying degrees of pressure, and you’ll basically feel like your own personal masseuse after using them.

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  8. 8. Anatome Recovery & Sleep Cornish Lavender Essential Oil, $62

    Despite your calming evening routine, the energy of the season can often make for restless nights. Anatome’s blend of 22 essential oils can help induce that coveted heavy-lidded state. Add drops to your diffuser or apply directly to key sensory points on the body, like wrists and neck, for instant relaxation. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on another day of sunshine and self care.

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Top photo: Saks Fifth Avenue & W+G Creative

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