We Asked Over 1,500 Women About Their Sun-Care Habits—Here’s What We Learned

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Inside or outside, rain or shine, SPF is always a good idea. That's what just about any derm will tell you, but how do the average person's sun-care habits actually compare to the gold standard?

To find out, we teamed up with Australian Gold to ask Well+Good readers to tell us about their sun-care habits—and they had a lot to say.

Though 71 percent of readers said sun care is very important to them (yay for protecting your skin!), just 25 percent don't leave their houses without SPF on. Nearly half wear it every day, but only on their faces (clearly complexion is a priority here), and three percent of readers admitted to never wearing SPF (respect for the honesty).

Moral of the story: We're all doing our best here. And even if we don't nail the sun-care game every day, nearly all of us (83 percent to be exact) are interested in learning more about how to best take care of our skin while still getting our daily dose of vitamin D. To help on that front, we did some research to answer a few of our readers' FAQs.

Scroll down to see how your sun-care habits compare to other Well+Good readers, and click the hotspots for more sunscreen intel.

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