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This Sleeping Night Oil Looks Like Mermaid Tears, and Softens Fine Lines While You Snooze

Photo: Sunday Riley
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I recently traveled to New York from Los Angeles for a work trip: I went from wearing a T-shirt and leggings while walking the dogs outside to cloaking myself in a parka as the temps dipped from 70 and sunny in LA to 30 and windy in NYC. Packing winter-ready clothes is one thing (TBH: one deserves an award for packing four days worth of winter gear into a small carry-on, but I digress), but packing winter-ready skin care is another. Luckily, I armed myself with my favorite hydrating products that I knew could protect my skin from harsh, dry winds and maybe a little too generous indoor heating. One bottle I knew I had to squeeze into my TSA-approved liquids collection? Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105). It not only infuses skin with rich oily goodness, but it goes into overdrive while you sleep to banish fine lines and wrinkles.


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So, not only does Luna leave my skin plumper, softer, and brighter in the morning, but it visibly smooths lines on my forehead (sponsored by turning 32 in June) overnight. That's thanks to the smart retinol-driven formula which also features blue tansy (derived from a North African flower, this helps with inflammation and also gives the oil the prettiest ocean blue hue), German chamomile essential oil (which has calming properties), avocado seed oil (all the hydration!), and chia seed oil (more hydration! Plus another natural source of Omega 3, which can also help reduce fine lines).

Any derm will tell you the star of the show is Luna's all-trans retinoic acid, a type of retinoid. "If you asked 100 dermatologists the one thing that they all agreed on, besides sunscreen of course, is that everyone should be using [retinol] if their skin can handle it," Dr. Mona Gohara, MD, previously told us. The benefits of retinol products are boundless—they can help clear acne, even out skin texture, minimize dark spots, and melt away fine lines and wrinkles.

Since I have oily-combo skin that breaks out when I'm stressed or forget to drink water and am starting to develop fine lines on my forehead (and okay, also around my mouth), Luna Sleeping Oil is the perfect, multifunctional potion for me. I've been applying it nearly every night for the last three months (including my four days on the East Coast), and can tell it's made a difference in the texture and brightness of my skin. Considering the dramatic climate switch-up my face experienced recently (along with the five-plus hours on the plane each way with a mask on), I'm kind of shocked I didn't experience a single zit (and I always break out when I travel). This stuff is the real deal.

I'm hardly the only one who's gushing about Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. "The Luna oil is the ONLY thing that keeps my face looking radiant! I use it every night and have for the past 2 years… worth every penny," one customer writes. "Luna is the best overnight product I have ever used. Purchased it after using a sample and having my husband comment that my skin was glowing the next day!" another fan says.

Like most Sunday Riley products, Luna is on the pricey side—but it does last you. You only need two or three drops to cover your entire face, and I've still got more than half the oil left after three months of using it nightly. If you have sensitive skin, it's a good idea to test it on a small area first (and if all goes well, apply the oil one-to-two times a week so you don't irritate your face—and make sure you wear SPF daily if you aren't already). "Even sensitive skin can be trained to tolerate vitamin A derivatives," dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD previously told us.  If you're pregnant, it's recommended to cut retinol from your skin-care regimen.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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