This Spill-Resistant Couch Wards Off Spills and Stains, and It’s the Best Piece of Furniture I Own

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I'm not a couch snob by any means, but I am particular when it comes to picking out a sofa. It's gotta be comfortable and spacious—but most importantly, it must be resistant to stains. That's because I'm a clumsy person by nature. I'm constantly knocking things over, stepping on people's kicks by accident (please don't hate me), and tripping over my own footsteps. I've even fallen down a flight of stairs. True story (I'm OK—but it wasn't fun).

As an avid movie watcher, I love to drink and eat on my sofa, but being this level of clumsy (as mentioned) has gotten me into a bit of trouble. Admittedly, I've dropped one too many popcorn kernels and spilled drinks, leaving upholstery unsalvageable. So, I caved and swapped my couch for Sundays' Movie Night Sectional ($5,180), and it's totally changed the game. Read on for my honest thoughts about this investment piece of furniture and why it's fully worth it (especially if you're as accident-prone as I am, or just need a low-maintenance couch).

sundays move night sectional
Sundays, Movie Night 4-Piece Modular Sectional — $5,180.00

Sizes available: condo and regular

Colors: 9


  • Lightweight
  • Stain resistant
  • Aesthetic
  • Comes with delivery and assembly


  • Expensive
  • Requires two people to lift and reconfigure


From when the order is placed, delivery can take up to a month and a half. As the delivery date inched closer, a Sundays' support member called my cell phone number—which was provided at checkout—to nail down an estimated delivery date and time two weeks before. On the day of delivery, the team of two called and texted me to inform me that they were on the way. I informed them to park near an elevator closest to my apartment, and they were able to unload the shipment without complications.

I ordered the Sundays Movie Night 4-Piece Sectional. Individually wrapped in saran and bubble wrap, each piece was protected from damage on its long journey to Texas. The delivery team was super professional and delivered my sectional in a way that didn't damage the unit or other furniture. They also assembled the couch; this process took roughly 15 to 20 minutes. For people based in the continental US and in all Canadian provinces, Sundays offers free in-home delivery and assembly.

sundays movie night couch

My honest thoughts about the Sundays' Move Night Sectional couch

Sundays' Movie Night Sectional is crafted out of a proprietary performance polyester, which makes it more resistant to stains than other more fragile fabrics. I've drank and spilled water and juice, and to my surprise, the liquids slide right off. I've also dropped chocolate, Doritos, and popcorn on the couch with no stains left behind. Having tested this sectional for nearly a month, I can attest to how resilient it is.

As far as clean up goes, it's an effortless process. For large amount of liquids spilled, most of it will slide right off the edge of the couch. The remaining liquid on the couch can gently be soaked up with a towel or paper towel. Easy enough. Since the couch doesn't soak liquids, no drying is required afterwards, making eating on the couch a worry-free experience. Once the liquids are cleaned, I can go back to enjoying the movie. While my sectional hasn't had to endure tougher stains, the brand recommends washing the affected area with mild soap and water. Also nice: the cushion covers are removable and machine-washable. The only caveat about the sectional is that the cushions move around occasionally. It's not hard to put them back in place, but it requires some shimmying every now and then.

Aside from its durability, I also love that the sectional can be reconfigured. Want an L-shaped couch? No problem. Two by two? Also, no issue. At the time of delivery, the movers had to assemble the sectional as a square because there was a desk in the way. Once we got rid of the desk, we were able to reconfigure the couch into an L-shape. To do this, my partner and I had to lift up the couch and remove the clips that binded the parts of the couch together. Since the sectional is lightweight, this was fairly easy to do for two people.

The couch is also so darn comfy thanks to the multi-dense foam. It comes with 11 cushions (five back cushions, four seat cushions, and two throw cushions)—which are pillowy and deep; it's like sleeping on a cloud. Legit, this sectional could be my second bed, and I've easily fallen asleep on it during movie nights. As someone who loves to host guests and family, I admire how spacious the couch is (think: Molly and the Big Comfy Couch). The regular size comfortably seats four people with additional space for more pillows and blankets. Aptly named, Sundays' sectional is really meant for movie nights.

sundays' movie night sectional
Photo: Author


I'm not going to put on a front, this couch leans on the pricier side. For the regular size, the couch retails for $5,180 and $4,670 for the condo size. But for all of the Movie Nights' features, it may be well worth considering. It's a repellant to water, juice, and food, comfortably fits four to five people, and is ultra comfortable. Not to mention, it's lightweight and easy to maneuver for days when you want to switch up the look. Also nice? Delivery and assembly are included.


Furniture is far from sustainable, but Sundays is keeping the environment in mind. All of the fabrics used on the couch break down in landfills.

Final thoughts

This couch is my new favorite piece of furniture and for good reason: It's lightweight, doesn't make me feel bad for being clumsy, and is perfect for hosting loved ones. I'd recommend this sectional to people with families (including pets!), clumsy folks, and just about anyone who loves a good at-home movie experience.

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