10 Fashionable Sunglasses for *Any* Spring Break Destination

Photo: Instagram/@takesh.eyewear

Sunglasses have a reputation for being summer staples (probably something to do with there being less vitamin D to bask in during the colder months), but they're pretty handy in all weather—whether the sun is hiding behind a cloudy glare or blinding you as it reflects off white snow.

This accessory's versatility is especially of note with spring break season upon us, because no matter whether your healthy travel plans involve lounging poolside (covered in plant-powered SPF) or doing Olympic-worthy ski jumps, sunglasses should be a vital part of your packing list. But since cool shades are a dime a dozen, I've picked out some of my personal favorites (I totally heart the Takesh heart-shaped pair) as well as some that follow Kanye West's '90s-inspired no-more-big-sunglasses memo. And if you're not into these picks, consider opting for a rose-colored pair that might actually boost your mood.

Find your perfect shades below.

If you're taking a sunny trip this spring, don't forget to pack some seaweed sunscreen. And make sure you lather it on for your flight.

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