Quiz: What Summer SPF Product Is Right for You? (Because Yes, You Should Get Specific)

Summer and sunscreen go together like avocado and toast. But unlike your favorite breakfast (where the only decision required is whether to add an egg), there are a lot of options when it comes to SPF.

Having all those options is great news for your skin—because it means more ways to keep it safe from the damaging effects of the sun—but not so great for your indecisive brain.

To help you narrow down your choices, so you aren't left rummaging around your bathroom drawers for the remnant of whatever you used last year (sunscreen expires, FYI), we made you this handy quiz to help you find the SPF product that perfectly suits your life.

Still can't decide which one is for you? You can totally go ahead and double up, because many of the options below can be used together and all of them are available at Ulta Beauty, which is putting together curated collections of products all season to help you expertly tackle every summer beauty goal. See ya, sunburn.

Scroll down to take our handy dandy sunscreen quiz to find your SPF soulmate.

In partnership with Ulta Beauty

Top photo: Ulta Beauty

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