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Supergoop!’s Mattescreen Is an SPF Essential if You Have Oily Skin

Gina Vaynshteyn

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Most facial sunscreens make me break out by just looking at them. I have combination skin that leans more toward the oily side, and sunscreen formulas have always been either a hit or miss in the complexion department. At best, sunscreen leaves my face shiny, and at worst, I wake up the next day with a couple zits on my chin. Usually, it’s both (how lucky am I?). But SPF is an absolute must for me because I live in sunny Los Angeles and have a family history of melanoma. (And, hey, regardless of your location, the weather, or genetics, you should always be applying sunscreen on the daily!)

I resigned myself to a life of compromise: I could deal with a few zits in exchange for protection from UV rays. That is, until I tried Supergoop!’s Mattescreen. The second I massaged a dollop of sunscreen into my cheek, I could feel the difference. And several days later with no breakouts, I could see the difference.

Supergoop! Mattescreen Sunscreen SPF 40 — $38.00

The Mattescreen formula is lightweight, smooth, and easy to blend in with my fingertips. When I finished applying, I noticed that the lotion has a blurring effect without feeling powder-y or dry.

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While I wouldn't wear Supergoop! Mattescreen as a full-coverage foundation, it does work nicely as a (very) subtle skin tint and primer, depending on your skin tone—countless Sephora reviewers back me up here. I’m fair-skinned, so the light pigmentation in the formula did give me some color—enough to let me skip the bronzer. (If you’re looking for something non-tinted, Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen is invisible and leaves a natural finish.)

It’s also a good sunscreen to layer with. I’ve worn Mattescreen over serums and moisturizers, as well as under foundations, concealers, and cream blushes, and have yet to experience pilling.

Mattescreen is a mineral sunscreen, which means its active ingredients (minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) create a physical barrier on the skin that UVA and UVB rays can't penetrate. Mineral sunscreens are considered safer, better for sensitive skin, and more earth-friendly than chemical sunscreens. Mattescreen is reef-safe, cruelty-free, and it’s 100-percent vegan.

Consider Mattescreen my beach tote bag staple this summer.

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