The Final Supermoon of 2021 Packs Groundbreaking Energy for Manifesting—Here’s What It Has in Store for Your Sign

The upcoming full moon is also the final supermoon of the year, which happens when the moon is the closest to Earth, giving it a brighter and larger look than usual. It's occurring on June 24th at 2:39 p.m., ET, in the cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. That cardinal energy is key here, because the supermoon in Capricorn of 2021 packs transformative energy and is focused on the initiation of the new, and grounding that into reality. The need for transparency and truth may increase, as the full moon is shining a light on both the outdated structures in collective society and in our own individual lives. For many, this can feel like a culmination or resolution of themes that began in early 2020.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon is also referred to as the full strawberry moon by Indigenous American cultures including the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples because the nickname exudes what this time of year is all about: warmth, life, ripening and bloom. But its placement in Capricorn is what astrologers call its detriment, meaning that the moon is not comfortable in this position.

Capricorn is a Saturn-ruled sign representing authority, structure, hard work, and reality. In opposition is the sun in the emotional, people-oriented, and empathetic cardinal water sign of Cancer, which is actually ruled by the moon. Together, then, this is a push and pull between what parts of reality feel right versus what has always been done with this full supermoon in Capricorn of 2021.

One positive aspect is the full moon’s harmonious and close connection with Jupiter retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. This is a powerful aspect with one of the most beneficial planets in astrology. When Jupiter is at home, it can give its maximum benefits, depending on how it's influencing your chart. It represents growth, expansion, and prosperity, and in a retrograde period, breakthroughs or manifestations based on past efforts may come through. So, now is the time for many to receive what they have worked for and to bloom.

A great way to stay positive and intentional during the transformative supermoon in Capricorn of 2021 is to write affirmations.

This powerful lunation is also under the influence of the opposition between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn retrograde, the energy of which reflects a reclamation of power. Venus is a divine energy in the maternal sign of Cancer, while Pluto represents transformation of old systems in the paternal archetype of Capricorn. Communicative Mercury in Gemini will also be out of its retrograde period as of June 22nd, where it will join rebellious Black Moon Lilith. So, expect truths to be revealed and heavily discussed in order to heal.

With all of this astrological intensity swirling about, a great way to stay positive and intentional during the transformative supermoon in Capricorn of 2021 is to write affirmations. Affirmations are a practical form of spell work, and when you repeat them each day as a form of self care, you can raise your vibration during transitional times. Below, learn what’s ahead for your zodiac sign during the supermoon in Capricorn, and get a bespoke affirmation for practicing self care. Write your affirmations down on paper of your choice, and hang them up where you can see each day. For a holistic view, read for your sun, moon, and rising sign. (Don't know your signs? Run your birth information through an online generator, like this one.)

What the supermoon in Capricorn of 2021 means for your sign


Shifts in your career and life path are undergoing completion. Perhaps you have started to unlock and uncover your true passion versus just a job. With this positive self-growth, you can start to honor your dreams and where you truly want your life to go. The best direction for you is to listen to your intuition and what truly aligns with you.

Your supermoon affirmation: I am a visionary. I am open to my true life path and purpose. Everything I need will find me.


Consciousness is achieved mostly through experience, and this is something important that you have gained this year. The opportunity to teach, receive a certification, or expand your mind through travel can unfold for you. The wisdom that you can gain from this higher perspective is shifting your beliefs surrounding reality and where you have been restricting yourself. It’s time to articulate what feels right for you.

Your supermoon affirmation: The world needs my knowledge. I am a divine and powerful being whose purpose is to help others with the wisdom I have to offer.


Shared resources, loans, debts, or mortgages, are in focus for you. You can finally reach a decision or come to a conclusion and feel forward movement in these areas of life. This is also activating your personal power. Perhaps a negotiation and discussion is needed that requires you to be firm and structured in your approach. This doesn’t always come naturally to Geminis, but the full moon is empowering you.

Your supermoon affirmation: Everything I need always finds me and flows to me. I always articulate what I need, and my voice is my superpower.


You are feeling the energy of this full moon more than any other sign. Not only because the moon is your planetary ruler, but also because it’s in opposition to the sun in Cancer. An important business partnership or even love relationship can reach a turning point. You’ve put in the work, and now the cosmos are primed to blossom in this area. You can also realize what you need personally within a long-term relationship or partnership through a new opportunity that develops around this time.

Your supermoon affirmation: I know who I am and articulate what support I need in all of my relationships. Opportunities flow to me in the form of support from other people.


You have realized that work is a four letter word, and this is an area of life that has shifted tremendously for you. How you approach your tasks, routine, and health is shifting more towards self-care. A new opportunity to have the schedule you want can develop, or the full moon is prompting you to set boundaries with a current work situation. This is also a time where you can receive the fruits of your labor—you have been building stable ground, Leo.

Your supermoon affirmation: I honor myself, and I set firm boundaries. I work to live, I do not live to work. Abundance can come from my joy.


Projects or creative ideas that you have invested time into can now start to come to a conclusion. You are shifting some of the restrictions you have held on your creativity or self-expression. You can be hyper-critical of yourself, but the cosmos encourages your growth and abundance through this internal change. Improvements with business or personal relationships can develop as a result of this. You are moving closer to your higher self and the future vision for your life.

Your supermoon affirmation: I am a creative being. I do not restrict my thoughts or ideas for the comfort of others. I can release attachment to unnecessary structure.


The home and your life path is activated during the supermoon in Capricorn of 2021. Changes in your foundation and home are being triggered, but this is a positive one for you. This new living situation can feel like a growth moment or in alignment with you. You also could experience transformation in your career or life path. An expansive opportunity can present itself, or you can receive the honors that you deserve.

Your supermoon affirmation: My home is my sanctuary and I receive everything I need to feel stable. I only attract peace, harmony, and balance in my private surroundings.


Communication is key, and this has been a major lesson for you. Through challenges, you have gained a new sense of perspective, which can be channeled into what you do. A groundbreaking opportunity to release a creative endeavor or communicate your knowledge can develop for you. The world needs your perspective! For some, this energy could also manifest as communication surrounding fertility matters.

Your supermoon affirmation: My creativity flows freely through me and out into the collective. Others are inspired by my vision, and there is no limit to what I can create.


Realizations over money and financial matters can finally bring much-needed change in this area of life. Changing how you manage your money is only positive for you. You also have been working diligently and can decide to invest so that you can experience more growth. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, and now you can feel this uphill battle surrounding your self-worth coming to a conclusion. Don’t forget to always ask for what you believe you deserve, not based on what you think they will pay.

Your supermoon affirmation: I am worthy of receiving, and the universe is abundant. Money flows freely, and easily to me. I am not afraid of my value.


You are heavily affected by this full moon because it’s in your sign, Capricorn. This is activating all of the personal growth, changes, and challenges you have experienced over this past year. You are a changed person, and as a result the relationships you want to associate with have, too. A new agreement, working or even love relationship, could develop because of this new energy. After a year of intense personal growth comes abundance in reality.

Your supermoon affirmation: I am a powerful being who attracts those around me who support my energy. I live in my truth, and I follow my higher purpose.


Shifts in your subconscious mind are now manifesting into your reality. You have been building a stable structure behind the scenes, and now is a time when you can reveal your work. You could have been working on a project, or even reflecting on the ways that you have limited yourself privately in order to heal your confidence. Now the universe is giving you the green light to share your gifts. In exchange, you can receive financial growth and a sense of fulfillment. Be aware of over-indulging.

Your supermoon affirmation: I find joy and bliss in what I do every day. I do not work, I create and manifest. My bank account grows with every new idea.


You are feeling more confident in who you are, Pisces. Shifts in your network and who you associate with has given you realizations on who is important to you. This is a time where you have been attracting influential people who can help you with your hopes, dreams, and future ideas. A change in life path towards what feels emotionally true to you could also be on deck. Allow yourself to receive at this time, especially with abundant Jupiter in Pisces influencing this energy.

Your supermoon affirmation: I listen to my intuition to guide my way. I allow the support from others and align myself with a stable community. I know what resonates with me.

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