These Are the Gut-Boosting Supplements You Should Take to Spring Clean Your Microbiome

Sometimes you're able to totally nail your yoga flow without a hitch—other times, however, you need an extra boost of support to reach all of the endorphins waiting at the end. The same goes for your microbiome. You can eat all the prebiotic and probiotic foods you want, but it might not be enough to give your gut what it needs—and that's where supplements for digestion come into play.

"Some [supplements] help with the breakdown and digestion of food, others help with the health and integrity of the gut lining, and others help with keeping it from being inflamed," says Amy Shapiro, RD, founder of Real Nutrition. "These together help to heal the gut, and when paired with prebiotics and probiotics can allow for a very healthy and well balanced microbiome."

Together with Renew Life®—the powerful gut-boosting supplement brand—and Shapiro, we found out exactly which ones your body needs to make that happen.

Scroll down for 5 supplements for digestion that'll give your gut the spring-cleaning treatment.


1. A high-quality probiotic supplement

Not really a total shock, right? Even if you do eat a fair amount of probiotic-rich foods, adding a supplement can amp up your gut health with barely any effort. Renew Life®’s Ultimate Flora Women's Care 25 Billion Probiotic is created with 10 different specially selected strains and 25 billion live cultures that work together to support your digestive and immune health.

And it's good for your lady parts, too. This specific probiotic also promotes healthy vaginal microflora since it also contains Lactobacilli, which aids in creating lactic acid to help prevent harmful bacteria from growing and spreading.

2. A gentle herbal cleanse

Sometimes you just need a clean slate. RenewLife®’s 3-Day Cleanse pushes the reset button with herbal ingredients like slippery elm bark and rhubarb root, helping to get rid of waste and relieve you of all the fun stuff (ahem, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea).

Take two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and one capsule with or without food at night. After the three days are up, your gut should be in the clear. Just remember: "It is important to stay hydrated while taking all of these supplements, Shapiro notes.

3. A solid multivitamin

No matter where you're at, a multivitamin is a smart place to start. Rainbowlight Women's One Multivitamin helps nourish and energize your body with key ingredients like B-complex, zinc, vitamin C, and, get this, more probiotics. Plus, it's Non-GMO Project Verified, and the potency level is dialed up to make sure you're getting the recommended daily value of all the nutrients.

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4. A boost of fiber supplements for digestion

Nope, fiber's not just for your grandma—it's actually a key player in balancing out your microbiome. Enter RenewLife®’s Organic Clear Fiber, a 100 percent soluble acacia supplement that you can stir into your next smoothie or juice, sans the chalky aftertaste.

"We need fiber to feed the bacteria in our gut and to help it proliferate," Shapiro explains. To start seeing results, mix one tablespoon into six or eight ounces of liquid (or some kind of soft food) up to three times a day.

5. A dose of digestive enzymes

Even if you're dedicated to eating a gut-healthy diet, foods that are high in protein, carbs, dairy, or fats (so... almost everything) can disrupt your digestion process.

Good news: "Digestive enzymes assist in easily digesting foods to help with absorption," says Shapiro. RenewLife®’s DigestMore Ultra Enzymes contains a blend of plant-based enzymes that work to reduce gas, bloating, and all the other good stuff your gut can throw at you. Next stop: Smooth sailing.

In partnership with Renew Life®

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