These 7 Bralettes Offer Serious Support With (Surprisingly!) No Wires

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As lockdown orders were made [checks calendar] over a year ago in light of the pandemic, many folks swiftly divorced their breasts from the rigidity of cups and underwires and instead took comfort out for a test drive—and, in large part, enjoyed the fit.

So here's the conundrum we may find ourselves in now: As we slowly climb out of quarantine and into the real world, we need a little more support. While that doesn't necessarily mean returning to ye old underwire, it may mean seeking out more supportive bralettes.

How to find a bralette with serious support

While all bralettes are great, they're not always the most effective size-inclusive garment out there. And even when the sizes are inclusive, design and technology may lag (where are the front-closure options?). Like, if you have an ample chest, something with flimsy straps or a weak whisper of lace won't cut it when you're out and about. For example, I have one Barbie-pink triangle bralette that's great if I want to have my areolas to pop out and say "Hello" during work Zoom meetings. Needless to say, as much as I love the garment, I cannot imagine wearing that number out into the wild.

Luckily I've recently become acquainted with a few other beloved wireless bra brands, and have found that there are supportive bralettes available that A. look great and B. keep a wardrobe malfunction from happening. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Find 7 supportive bralettes for everyday wear

Don't sacrifice support for style. These bralettes rank high in support and aesthetics, providing the best of both worlds.

lively bralette
Lively Sweetheart Bralette — $23.00

Lively always delivers the best in bralettes, and this charming new offering is no exception. The poppies against a grounded navy blue backdrop makes the print fun without veering too hard into whimsy territory. And the cut cradles your breasts so they’re pert yet cozy. For even more support, Lively has The Busty Bralette ($45) using the same pattern and an ever-so-slightly different silhouette.

Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Plungie Longline Bralette
Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Plungie Longline Bralette — $56.00

Not only does Cosabella make bras that are downright elegant, but they also offer a number of colorways and take different body sizes into account. Read: Curves are welcome here. This longline supportive bralette that features an extra bit of extra lace at the torso should keep your breasts happily shelved. Plus, it’ll make the perfect peek-a-boo accessory under an oversized button-down or loose crop top.

Pepper Everyday Lace Bralette
Pepper Everyday Lace Bralette — $40.00

Can small-chested girls go without a bra? Totally—anyone can, for that matter. But if you want a little something-something, trust Pepper to be your go-to. Since the brand specializes in slighter sizes, Pepper’s everyday bralettes provide a great fit. And bonus points for the prettiness of this style; I love how the delicate triangle cups sit on that sturdy power band.

Jockey Forever Fit V-Neck Molded Cup Bra
Jockey Forever Fit V-Neck Molded Cup Bra — $22.00

I’m wearing this bra right now and swear I would live in it if I could. Jockey’s Forever Fit is constructed with phantom cups that keep my 32DD girls very, very secure. The mesh gore keeps the garment from being totally utilitarian, and it looks super cute with black leggings if your sports bras are at the mercy of laundry day.

ThirdLove Smoothing Scoop Wireless Bra
ThirdLove Smoothing Scoop Wireless Bra — $39.00

If you’re looking for maximum support and a gorgeously sleek fit under all your clothes, go to ThirdLove. The brand’s smoothing bra comes with removable cups, thick straps for expert support—and, you guessed it—no wires.

Aerie Firework Lace Padded Halter Bralette
Aerie Firework Lace Padded Halter Bralette — $20.00

There’s a lot to love about this piece, from the halter neckline and the dynamic floral lace to the lightly padded cups. If you dare to go back to hard pants this summer, I can imagine this looking sizzling with some denim shorts.

Knix Luxelift Pullover Bra
Knix Luxelift Pullover Bra — $50.00

The Luxelift bra always makes my love list for two reasons: 1. It has an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy wire-free fit that contours to your form in a seamless (like literally seamless) way. And 2. The florals! The brand’s seasonal styles always bring in fresh and pretty pinks, and this one just screams springtime.

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