Looking for Soft and Supportive Shoes? Try Kane Footwear’s Recovery Shoe

I've always had plantar fasciitis, inflammation of fascia tissue that runs from my heel bone to my toes. It gets worse in the morning, in the winter, and when I try new things in my exercise routine. I stay in touch with my doctor about these annoying aches and pains, but sometimes my footwear makes it worse—especially after a workout when I want to be barefoot or slip my feet into something with no arch support.

So I decided to try the Kane Revive active recovery shoe because they reminded me of sneaker-shaped Crocs, and I am always on the lookout for stylish and supportive shoes. Kane Footwear says that Revive shoes provide support, balance control, and they're an environmentally-friendly post-workout option. The shoe is quite sleek and angular, like the typical shape of a running shoe, but it's made of sugarcane-based foam similar to the texture of Crocs. The top of the shoe has numerous holes with a thick and bouncy heel in the back.

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I associate athletic-style arch support and heel cushioning with, well, ugly sneakers, not soft, supportive shoes. I don't wear running sneakers when trying to pull an outfit together. However, the color pop enhanced my outfit, and I decided to wear them out. And walking around my Brooklyn neighborhood, on my way to dinner, I felt like I was wearing my indoor slippers outside. I had a soft cushion on my feet where it mattered and a lot of support along the contour of my arch.

Kane Footwear says that this high arch and firm hold that is intentional. They're meant to offer comfort and cushion without the looseness that many slides, flip flops, slippers, or sandals come with.

Kane Footwear's "Revive"

Proper walking form typically means your heel strikes the ground first. Then, you roll through your heel to your toe, Jessica McManus, PT, FAAOMPT, physical therapist, functional medicine health coach, owner of Full Circle Wellness PT says. Good form, according to McManus, keeps injuries and falls at bay. I can't say that I fall over all the time, but these shoes definitely put a pep in my step.

Even though I took them on a test stroll,  Revive shoes are now my go-to apartment footwear. I refuse to walk around my house in running sneakers when I'm in pain, so these are my favorite slippers because they're washable. Even if I wear them for a short outing, I can wipe them down and wear them around the house.

The Kane Revive definitely provides my feet with a little post-workout comfort but make sure to chat with your doctor about how best to proceed if you deal with frequent foot pain as I do. And if you're just into sneakers that look like Crocs, they deliver on style and comfort, too.

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