6 Under-the-Radar Stores to Score Room-Boosting Living Succulents

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Looking to add some succulents into your living space? (I mean, who isn't these days…) Well, good news: You don't have to schedule in a trip to your local plant nursery to make your green dreams come true. It turns out that a lot of the usual-suspect spots you frequent for groceries, home decor, and the latest fashion also supply the potted, low-maintenance greenery that'll give your drab rooms a healthy pop of color.

As #plantladies seem to be steadily taking over the world, some big-time retailers have sneakily added varieties of the easy-grower to their inventories. And it's a smart strategy, because c'mon, how can you not put one of the little green cuties in your cart whenever you see one? So the next time you're running errands, make a stop at one of these under-the-radar spots that have everything you need to amp up your urban jungle.

Check out 6 unexpected stores where you can find room-boosting succulents.

1. Trader Joe's

During your next Trader Joe's run, stop at the plants section. The healthy grocer now carries a selection of potted succulents for as little as $3 each. Major score.

2. Ikea

Affordable home furniture and some new greenery? Um, #score. Ikea's gardening section has plenty of real, thriving plant babies, including pretty much every kind of succulent you'd ever want to get your hands on.

3. Home Depot

This home-improvement mecca has one of the best succulent selections around with a seemingly endless variety of affordable options. And if there's not a location near you, Lowe's has a section dedicated to the the tiny plants too.

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has seriously upped its live plant collection, and succulents are just one of the many options available. Grab 'em in store, or find them online (a set of 4 costs $20). And if you're a cactus lover, you'd be wise to grab some of those, too: There are hundreds to choose from, after all.

5. Whole Foods

Like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods has an entire section completely dedicated to plants. While there are individually potted succulents, you can also score larger options that have a rainbow of different varieties.

6. Costco

The next time you're buying your snacks in bulk, loading up on pre-prepped spaghetti squash, or searching for the avocados that supposedly last twice as long, don't forget to take a second to go scan through the plants. Costco offers a host of surprises, and one of them is that the store carries an impressive selection of succulents. (And in cute pots, to boot!)

Faux notable mentions


If you'd rather snag some faux succulents until you're fully ready to test out your green thumb for real, there are numerous realistic options available to brighten up your home. For the best ones that are sure to fool your friends, check Crate & BarrelWest Elm, and Target, which uses an even more realistic-looking material in the options in its new fall line. And get this: They even come in terra-cotta.

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