5 Surprising Things the Sun Damages Besides Your Skin

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Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner, but before you start daydreaming about your well-deserved vacation spent maximizing outdoor time and beach lounging (ideally with a green juice in hand), there's something you should know.

Fun in sun doesn't just damage your skin—it can also ruin your expensive pre-vacation treatments, Allure reports. Here's what you should know about the heat before all that vitamin D gets you in trouble.

Beware: The following 5 things are susceptible to sun damage.

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1. Places where you're (newly) bare

If a beach is on your horizon, you might have hair removal on your mind—but be careful about which type you choose. Depending on the method, your skin might be a little more sensitive and will need some extra time to recover before being exposed to the sun.

For instance, if you're waxing, your skin needs at least 24 hours to heal before lying out because it's more vulnerable to sunburns (so make sure to load up on the sun protection).

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2. Sunscreen

Be careful about where you store your bottled beach bestie. Once its temperature hits 77 degrees, the effectiveness instantly plummets—and it only takes a couple hours in the sun for this heat-up to happen. Plus, if the container itself is plastic, melting could cause toxic chemicals to enter the cream…and no one wants that.

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3. Makeup and beauty products

Just like with sunscreen, that fiery orb in the sky can also cause chemicals to seep into makeup and beauty products—liquids and powders alike. Keep everything in a cool place instead of toting your favorite products with you. Those quick touch-ups aren't worth the potential damage.

The sun can also ruin your nail polish, making the formula hard and sticky in the bottle. And having nail polish remover on hand in high temps can actually cause an explosion. Probably not the kind of vacation excitement you bargained for.

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4. Hair color and hair products

Here's where our guide to color-treated hair in the summer comes in handy. If your hair is color-treated or has hairspray in it, being out in the sun could lead to split ends and breakage. Protect your hair and scalp by investing in a floppy hat—it's always nice when staying safe also means looking cute.

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5. Acne products and medications

If you use acne-fighting products—whether that's a face cream or a medication—the sun could make them take a turn for the worse, even causing chemically-induced burns: "Acne compounds, such as benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin gel, require refrigeration to remain stable," New York City dermatologist Patricia Wexler, MD, told Allure. "Any oxidative compounds with vitamins A or C would be more stable being refrigerated, and are effective for a longer period of time.”

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