Susan Miller Says This Zodiac Sign Will Have Major Financial Success in 2019

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When celebrity astrologist Susan Miller reveals her annual horoscope predictions, it's like the Super Bowl for zodiac fanatics. I'm telling you, Miller—who's the founder of Astrology Zoneknows what's in the stars. (For 2018, she said that Tauruses would have something major happen in their love life—soon after, my Taurus colleague got engaged. Just saying....)

So, last night, when Miller spoke at an event for beauty brand Fresh—with whom she collaborated on a Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection—about what's coming for 2019, you can bet that I was recording every detail. While she declared that certain signs would have a year of new friendships (moi, an Aquarius!), a healthy love life, or career success, Miller noted that one zodiac sign, in particular, would be the most fruitful financially: Taurus. "You're going to do great with money in 2019," says Miller. "Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has moved into your eighth house, making it a huge year for financial gain."

"Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has moved into your eighth house, making it a huge year for financial gain." —Susan Miller

This is good news for the earth sign, which happens to be very tactile, according to Miller. "They are ruled by Venus—they're Venus's daughter," she says. "They love jewelry and flowers and perfume and chocolate—all of the good things that are French. But they worry about their money. They can't feel secure if they're not in a good place with money." In fact, "this is the only sign that will stay home on a Friday night, pour a glass of wine, and read their bank statement and admire how well they've been saving," Miller adds.

On a related note, you'll also be able to get out of the house. "It's been hard for you to travel for the past year, but it'll be easier for you to go short distances like the Hamptons or Ojai," she adds. So, Taurus, when 2019 begins to make it figuratively rain on you, enjoy cozying up to your (happy) bank statements.

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