The Good News Each Zodiac Sign Can Anticipate This Fall, According to Susan Miller

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If you can feel some cosmic turbulence in the air right now, it's likely the result of Mercury retrograde, which spans September 9 to October 1. And not too far behind that chaotic transit comes a retrograde from action-oriented Mars, which will last from the end of October through mid-January. But, according to celebrity astrologer Susan Miller, fall horoscopes for each sign are still far from doom and gloom. With the launch of her new Astrology Zone Beauty Box, created in partnership with Brandshare, she’s sharing the upcoming celestial forecast for every sign, highlighting the bright spots of the season.

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  • Susan Miller, star astrologer and founder of Astrology Zone

The Beauty Box ($40), which comes in four versions—each with 11 beauty and wellness products curated by Miller for fire, water, air, and Earth signs, respectively—includes a booklet filled with Miller’s exclusive astrological insights for every sign, covering this month through to early 2023. But, the two timeframes of particular note for good vibes and good fortune fall during the first couple weeks of October (in the reprieve between the Mercury and Mars retrogrades) and between November 23 and December 20 (when beneficent Jupiter is moving forward in dreamy Pisces, the sign over which the planet traditionally rules).

“That October sweet spot is a key part of my September forecast,” says Miller. “This month, it’s best to stick to routine and lay low, but it’s also time to get ready for action in early October—a spectacular moment to sign contracts, launch products, or interview for or start a new job.”

“With both Jupiter and Neptune edging so close together in Pisces, I predict this holiday season will be spectacular, and everyone will have their own little piece of the pie.” —Susan Miller, astrologer

Then, on November 23, another celestial highlight arrives, this time with a more playful, creative vibe. On that day, Jupiter goes direct in its domicile sign of Pisces, where it’s also joined by Neptune, Pisces’s modern-day ruler. “Pisces is the sign of compassion and giving and charity, and it’s also the sign of art, music, and dance,” says Miller. “With both Jupiter and Neptune edging so close together in Pisces, I predict this holiday season will be spectacular, and everyone will have their own little piece of the pie.”

To learn just how your celestial delight will be served, scroll for Miller’s fall good-fortune horoscopes. Read for both your sun sign (the sign that determines the thrust of your personality) and rising sign (the sign that reflects the way you present yourself to others) for the most accurate forecast.

Astrologer Susan Miller shares the positive highlights from all fall horoscopes


A veritable "cornucopia of goodness" is heading your way, says Miller. Lucky Jupiter has been in your sign for a few months now, lending a dose of expansive energy to your life, which Miller advises utilizing to set new plans in motion come October. "Think about what goals you still want to achieve while you have Jupiter in your sign until October 28," she says.

It's possible that one of those aims may involve travel or exploration, even within your neighborhood or region. This could be thanks to the additional influence of your planetary ruler, Mars, moving through Gemini and your third house of transportation and local community.


You could find yourself making a big investment in a life milestone this fall, Taurus. "With Jupiter in Aries, you may be spending on graduate school, buying a home, or having a baby," says Miller. Whatever this life shift may be could also set you up for a highly social holiday season, once Jupiter shifts into Pisces, highlighting your 11th house of social networks. "Generally, you'll be making friends and gaining followers," says Miller.

But once Jupiter shifts back into Aries on December 20, things could get more serious (in a good way, that is). You have the opportunity to prepare for your next big astrological moment—when Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-2023—by setting an intention for what you'd like to achieve, says Miller.


In classic social Gemini fashion, you could find yourself buzzing with holiday events this fall and loving it, says Miller. And all the more so this year, with Jupiter in Aries hitting your 11th house of friendships. "You might even consider joining a new club, whether it's a professional club or a social club, as another way to get yourself out of the house," she says.

And in the window of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, expect your social capital to translate into a work win, too. Jupiter's shift into Pisces touches your 10th house of career, meaning "you could see a lot of press, get a promotion, or receive a new work offer," says Miller. And if you're self-employed? Expect a dream client to give you a call and say, "I want to work with you," she adds.


If you've been getting kudos at work, expect that vibe to continue this fall, Cancer. Jupiter has been transiting in Aries, highlighting your 10th house of career, and putting you in the good graces of your boss—which could result in praise, a raise, or some new level of recognition this October, says Miller.

By the end of November, when Jupiter moves into Pisces and hits your ninth house of travel and exploration, expect to receive an extra boost by way of "foreign markets, foreign people, or foreign places," she says. And if you're planning travel around then, be prepared to find yourself on the trip of a lifetime, she adds, with the support of Jupiter at your back.


Got money on the mind? Get ready to rake in the dough, Leo. With Jupiter in Pisces residing in your eighth house of investments this December, you could see some serious returns, says Miller: "Perhaps you get a big bonus at work, or maybe it's a commission or a royalty check. Regardless, something is set to make you happy about money."

That cash could also come in the form of a scholarship for higher education, as Miller predicts you might be interested in going (back) to school, with Jupiter in Aries hitting your ninth house of learning and intellect. If you're applying this fall, she advises, don't skip out any potential opportunities because you assume it won't work out. "Right now, you're holding all the aces," she says.


Like Cancer, you've likely been killing it at work these days, Virgo—even if it's the kind of success that isn't super visible. "You don't go out of the way to tell the world what you're doing or to share your victories, but you could be surprised by career wins that seem to come right to your door," says Miller.

That's all thanks to Mars in Gemini highlighting your 10th house of work from now until the end of March. But once Jupiter shifts into Pisces come the end of November, you'll be laser-focused on love, as the planet moves through your seventh house of partnerships. An engagement (or whatever your chosen next step of a romantic relationship may be) could certainly be in the stars, according to Miller.


Relationships are generally your thing, as the zodiac's archetypal romantic. But at the moment (and through the end of October), you could feel particularly connected to parters or close friends, says Miller, given Jupiter in Aries is activating your seventh house of partnerships. "You might find that you're even more capable of being the ideal partner or that you benefit from your partner's luck," says Miller.

When Jupiter shifts into Pisces at the end of November and hits your sixth house of daily rituals, your health and wellness could receive a boost, too. Perhaps you're inspired to start a New Year's resolution early, says Miller. "There's no rule that you have to wait until January 1, anyway."


Fun and pleasure are practically star-sanctioned for you this holiday season, Scorpio. "I imagine you'll find yourself in lovely company at beautiful dinners or walking down the street in the holiday lights with the one you love," says Miller. That's because Jupiter in Pisces in early December touches your fifth house of creativity and joy, granting you a dose of good luck when it comes to having a good time.

You may find that you snap back to reality, to some degree, after Christmas, when Jupiter shifts back into Aries, hitting your sixth house of daily routines. It's likely that your attention will be redirected to the details of life, and at work, you'll be "laser-beamed into doing a great job," says Miller.


You could find yourself feeling lucky in love or just thrilled with life as fall arrives, since Jupiter in Aries highlights your fifth house of pleasure. Though you typically tend to enjoy long travel around this time of year—you're the explorer of the zodiac, after all—you may fare better with short trips this season, adds Miller. "Your best clients and connections could show up closer to home," she says.

And speaking of home, once Jupiter shifts into Pisces in November, you could happen upon a dream apartment or house. "You might think, 'Who moves around the holidays?' but that's exactly why you could get your price," says Miller. And if you're set on staying put? You could be the host of a memorable house party, she adds. With Jupiter lending its luck to your fourth house of home, "you're bound to spare no expense on the event," she says.


It's likely that you've spent the better part of the year in or around your home, with Jupiter in Aries hitting your fourth house of familial roots and amplifying your connection to home and family. But this fall, it's your time to travel, says Miller, when the beneficent planet shifts into Pisces in November and touches your third house of transportation and communication.

"You may only take a short trip, but it's likely that you'll enjoy a touch of luxury," she says. Perhaps you make the trip a special one for the holidays and put some of your hard-earned money to work. "It could be a nice opportunity to celebrate the season in a different setting this year," says Miller.


Your good fortune could come in the form of a monetary windfall, Aquarius. Just like with Leo, you benefit from Jupiter shifting into Pisces in early December because the planet will touch one of your financial houses—in your case, your second house of personal money and resources. "This is definitely the time to ask for a raise," says Miller, "especially during the sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas."

In the weeks leading up to that time period, you'll be positively engaged in short-term travel, as well as any work or personal tasks geared around writing, podcasting, or speaking, adds Miller, thanks to Jupiter in Aries touching your third house of communication.


This season is like "golden confetti falling all over you," says Miller, much in keeping with the overall positive year you've likely been having, thanks to Jupiter in your sign for most of it. If you've fallen in love recently, expect that love to crystallize in new ways this season, and if you haven't, you could very well have a serendipitous encounter.

"You might be shy, but this is definitely the time to get out of the house because Jupiter does bring those sparkling moments," says Miller, "and opportunity could very well land in your lap."

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