Susan Miller Says This Astrological Sign Is About to Have the Healthiest 2018

It's that time of year when things are a-changin'—energetically and astrologically speaking, that is. As a rockstar shaman recently said this is the month where a life cleanse happens, which means that you're making space now for major shifts in the New Year, so that when it comes, you're ultra-prepared.

Earlier this week, Susan Miller of Astrology Zone revealed the year in horoscopes—at an event for Fresh's Limited-Edition Zodiac Oval Soap Collection (for which she created a forecast specifically for the brand and chose each sign's signature scent)—and there's a lot on deck for every zodiac sign.

From career badassery to prosperity and mega chances at heart-eyes (and even marriage), the astrologer sees a lot of goodness. But there's one sign in particular that's gearing up for an uber wellness-focused year ahead.

"In terms of health and fitness, it's Gemini," says Miller. "They're going to look gorgeous. Jupiter is in the house of health and fitness this year, and they're going to be motivated."

"They'll also potentially enjoy a luxury gym."

She even notes that the air sign is going to be so into their fitness game that they're the most likely to splurge on some new workout clothes (glitter leggings, anyone?). "They'll also potentially enjoy a luxury gym," says Miller. Hey, treat yourself. Here's to a healthy 2018 for everyone.

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