The 9 Coolest and Most-Fashionable Earth-Friendly Products You Need Right Now

Photo: Instagram/@bkr
Humans have wreaked oceans' worth of (glittery) havoc and destruction on the planet, and the effects are catching up with us. Our overuse of discarded plastic has created a problem with no clear solution (though Queen Elizabeth and fungus may save us all), cities are literally just running out water, and we're experiencing what seems like an unprecedented number of successive severe weather events.

Living the sustainable life doesn't have to be unfashionable, though. In fact, a growing number of brands, including Adidas, are finding ways to sustainably create products that are as chic (if not more so) than their counterparts that are less friendly to the planet. In celebration of Mother Nature and Earth Month, here are the coolest products to stock up on and feel good about.

You can help save the planet by eating Leonardo DiCaprio–approved faux meat and using a reusable tampon applicator

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