These Are the Sustainable Home Decor Pieces To Invest in if You Have Commitment Issues

Is deciding on a statement couch to add to your living room the equivalent of landing on a movie to stream on Saturday night (read: a never-ending quest)? Then you might have home decor commitment issues.

It's a common problem new homeowners and renters run into (don't even get us started on picking a paint color), but the key to sprucing up your home is to find sustainable home decor pieces that are made with long-lasting materials like cotton—which is naturally grown from the earth, sustainable, easy-to-clean, and hypo-allergenic—that'll also jive with the rest of your space for years to come.

"A high-quality piece will last a lifetime, or several for that matter, versus lower cost fast furniture which will inevitably come to the end of its time," says Megan Hopp, founder and principal of Megan Hopp Design. "I’m a big advocate of taking your time and collecting the right furnishings as you go."

Searching is half the fun, but the question still remains: How do you decide? According to Hopp, you need to love the piece in question. "It’s a hard thing to do in a vintage shop, but I try my hardest to give myself at least a day to think on a purchase—even with the risk of it being swept up from under me," she says. It's like dating, but with furniture.

To help you get started on your sustainable home decor quest (and to overcome those commitment issues) we had Hopp and creative producer and design expert Kristine Claghorn shed some light on five must-have pieces that'll help you seal the deal.

Keep reading for the 5 sustainable home decor pieces worth investing in, according to design pros.


If furniture were people, the couch would be the super host of your group, who always has you over for game and movie nights. So, it's vital to choose one that's durable. "Buying timeless, high-quality pieces of furniture is a smarter choice in so many ways," Claghorn says.

When on the hunt for the sofa for your chill-out space, opt for one that's neutral enough to last you through many future design phases, and that's made from a durable fabric, like cotton—which makes any wine spill or accidental smudge ultra easy to clean up.


Sometimes curtains become one of those "ugh do we have to?" kind of pieces, but you can't sleep on the value they bring to your space. Hopp's one-stop destination for custom window treatments is The Shade Store. "While window treatments can be a huge investment, they are like a really nice suit or wedding dress: If they fit perfectly, it makes a world of difference," she explains.

If you'd rather go the custom route, which Claghorn is a huge proponent of, head to HFDraperyStudio on Etsy for its 100 percent cotton curtain panels. Choose from over 55 colors and designs until you create the picture-perfect set for your space. "Custom equals best—especially if you plan to stay where you are for a long time," Claghorn says.


Whether you need some pizazz at your dining room table or have an empty spot in your living room that's begging for a pop of something, the statement chair is your solution. Claghorn is a huge fan of midcentury and Danish modern pieces to offer some eclectic flair that will never go out of style.

For Hopps, One Kings Lane is where she goes for a wide selection of non-custom upholstery that she says look completely one of a kind: "If you’ve seen my portfolio, you know color and pattern are my life lines, and as such One Kings Lane is a resource I tap time and again." The interior designer has spoken.

Throw pillows

Honestly, throw pillows are underrated. Use them to punch up your (new) couch or chair's vibe at West Elm, with a 100 percent cotton pillow plucked right off your home-design Pinterest board—meaning you'll never want to stand up from your cozy corner ever again.

If you're looking for pillows that are still high-quality without as hefty of a price tag, Hopp turns to Williams Sonoma Home. "With a mix of designer fabrics from recognizable names, like Schumacher, the pillows feel thoughtful, individual, and very special," she says. We'll nap to that.

Throw blankets

Similar to pillows, throw blankets have an important job in elevating the look of your chair or sofa—plus, they're homey and need to last you through years of comfy, lounge-only days to come. "Serena & Lily is a brand that makes everything seem light and cozy, which bodes well for textiles like throw blankets," Hopp says.

From soft, heavy knits to light summery throws, a cotton blanket will cover you off on every season. Curl up on your sofa under your new blanket fort: You've just conquered your decor commitment issues.


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