12 Sustainable Snacks That Are Good for You *and* Better for Mother Earth

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Nowadays, it seems like everything is getting a much-needed, sustainable makeover—and that's a fast-growing trend we love to see. Thanks to the increasing awareness surrounding our impending climate crisis and a growing sentiment to stopping it, consumers are driving an eco-friendly revolution spanning everything from beauty and hygiene to home decor. But the one trend that's tickled the planet and our tastebuds? Sustainable snacks.

Once upon a time, you used to have to scour the expensive aisles at Whole Foods (or your local all-organic, all-natural market—also usually pricier than traditional grocery stores) to stock your cart with Earth-conscious munchies. Now? A quick Google search or Instagram scroll, and you'll find everything you need to give your pantry a planet-friendly facelift. Salty, sweet, sour, savory—whatever you crave and there's a sustainable snack just waiting to satiate your hankerings, all while minimizing food waste, offsetting greenhouse gases, and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Getting hungry? So are we. Scroll to shop 12 sustainable snacks that are all that, Zest and a bag of chips.

Munch mindfully with these Earth-friendly, sustainable snacks

Bubble Goods, Pulp Pantry Sea Salt Veggie Chips — $5.00

Zesty, umami, sugary, spicy—you name it, and Bubble Goods has got it. Top of our list, though, are these crisp chips you won’t be able to put down. They’re made from organic juice pulp upcycled from your favorite foods that would otherwise be tossed. Through May 6, snag a bag and try one of the brand’s other sustainable creations for 10 percent off your entire order using the code “BUBBLEWG10.”

Hu Kitchen, Variety Snacking Gems (Pack of 3) — $14.00

There’s a lot to love about dark chocolate: It’s heart healthy, loaded with antioxidants, and just tastes downright delicious. Hu Kitchen’s ethos is dedicated to cutting down its environmental footprint and, “creating a positive impact for our fellow humans.” Layer on the USDA organic, Fair-Trade certified ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a treat that’s sweet on tastebuds and the planet.

Haus, The Spritz Kit — $60.00

Craving an earth-friendly cocktail? Try Haus, sustainably-sourced aperitifs that will make you wonder why you ever drank anything else in the first place. Each bottle is blended with fruits, herbs, and plants from the most trusted farmers, packaged in recycled materials that double as works of art. This kit includes four botanical-blended liqueurs perfect for sipping and mixing, including Lemon Lavender, Citrus Flower, Pomegranate Rosemary, and Rose Rosé.

Pipcorn, Variety Pack (Pack of 3) — $15.00

All of Pipcorn’s products use heirloom corn grown right here in the USA by family farmers who don’t use GMOs or other non-organic practices. There’s no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and, depending on the product, not a whole lot of waste—Pipcorn often upcycles its corn flour to make other products, like its cheese balls and snack crackers. Yum.

Noodie, Tonkotsu Noodle Soup (Pack of 12) — $69.00

Fun fact: Noodie’s noods are made from spirulina, a superfood algae that doesn’t just taste amazing, but is also better for the environment than traditional food production. They’re also way more nutritious than your regular bag of ramen noodles, with a whopping seven grams of protein and blend of antioxidants in each serving. Try the Tonkotsu for a cozy, umami flavor, or spice things up with the Peanut Chili or Smoky Garlic. Just recycle the box when you’re done.

Faves, Mixed Sweets (Pack of 6) — $25.00

Next time your sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, reach for a candy that combats climate change. Faves turns the imperfect fruits and veggies grocery stores throw away into mouth-watering gummies that are nutritious, delicious, and cut down on the greenhouse gases emitted by food waste. Not to mention, there’s a full serving of fruits and veggies in every pack.

Rind, Coco-Melon Dried Fruit Snacks (Pack of 3) — $20.00

Rind’s tagline is “Keep it real, eat the peel,” upcycling the fruit rind in every snack. The result? More nutrients in every bite, minus the waste. The best part is the flavors, which are a trip for your tastebuds. Think: Coco-melon, aka coconut chips and dried watermelon slices, and Orchard, a blend of skin-on dried persimmon, peach, and red apple.

Four Sigmatic, Sweet Vanilla Protein Can — $40.00

Shakes, pancakes, smoothies—you name it, and this plant-powered protein takes it to the next level. Each batch is blended with body-boosting adaptogens sourced mushrooms sans fillers or any other artificial ingredients. It’s also sustainable—Four Sigmatic is planting 40,000 trees over the next 10 years to become carbon positive. Use code “WELLGOOD” at check out for 10 percent off your order.

Pan's Mushroom Jerky, Zesty Thai — $7.00

Speaking of mushrooms, Pan’s earthy jerky swaps meat for shitake mushrooms that are completely vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and organic. These savory strips are packed with flavor and so tasty, you won’t even realize your snacking on fungi. Choose from flavors like Zesty Thai, Applewood BBQ, and Salt & Pepper.

Shar, Impossibly Good Trail Mix — $8.00

GORP gets an upgrade from Shar, the sustainable trail mix brand that nixes plastic packaging for biodegradable vessels you can pack anywhere. The “Shar tube” is convenient, shareable, and totally biodegradable—everything on it decomposes in 6-9 months. The stuff on the inside is good, too, filled with nuts sustainably and ethically sourced around the planet.

Poppi, Short List Variety Pack (Pack of 12) — $30.00

Soda that’s good for you?! No, you’re not dreaming—Poppi makes pop that’s actually good for your gut health thanks to its overload of prebiotics and burst of ACV in each can. The brand puts the “fun” in “functional” with thirst-quenching flavors like watermelon, strawberry lemon, and classic cola. The aluminum cans can be recycled when you’re done (there’s a reason why so many beauty brands are switching their packaging to aluminum!), so sit back and sip.

Puffworks, Organic Original Peanut Butter Puffs — $4.00

Remember those classic, cloud-like cheese doodles you ate as a kid? These are like those, only better for you (and Earth). They’re made with only three organic, non-GMO ingredients: peanut butter, corn, and sea salt. Nothing else! Plus, they come in a TerraCycle packaging that’s better for the environment, too.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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