6 Comfy Workleisure Pants (AKA Sweatpants, Shhh) to Ride the Hygge Wave Into Spring

Photo: Instagram/@louandgrey

There are two things happening in the world right that are conveniently coalescing so that you can live your best, comfiest life. The first is that activewear and athleisure are fusing with ready-to-wear, and the second is that the standard "work uniform" is becoming increasingly lax in many offices. I'm guessing it's the coupling of these trends that has breathed new, elevated, and chic life into the existence of the sweatpant (#grateful).

Even though everything ’90s is new and cool again, these revivals are not the elastic-bottomed sweatpants of your childhood. Instead, brands with an eye for comfort and an understanding of the everlasting allure of hygge have started creating workleisure pants in soft sweat-suit fabric. They're more elegant and chic than your standard sweatpants and—paired with the right third piece and stylish sneakers—are perfectly appropriate (and incredibly comfortable) office attire that also appeal to your hygge needs.

Find your 6 favorite workleisure pants below.

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