Mercury Is Finally Out of Retrograde, and That Means Good Things for Your Workouts, Too

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Mercury is f-i-n-a-l-l-y coming out of retrograde this week, which means I'll (hopefully) be able to focus at work again and may actually get a text back from the guy I went on a date with last week. It also, apparently, means that everyone should be kicking it into high gear with their workouts—and getting as sweaty as humanly possible.

The sun, according to W+G's resident astrologist Jennifer Racioppi, is now "zooming through Aries" (AKA "the sign of action") and so you should be harnessing that energy into your exercise regimen. "Now’s the time to move your body and reawaken from the winter months," Racioppi explained in this week's Cosmic Health column. "Fast-paced, upbeat, sweaty workouts are not only seasonally appropriate but also astrologically on-point. They help you to move beyond the Mercury retrograde fog and step into the clarity that awaits you on the other side of this week."

So, you know what that means. Think: cardio dance classes, sprints on the treadmill, and high intensity interval training, all ideally set to the pace of Ariana Grande's "Thank U Next" album (...or whatever it is that gets you personally pumped up). For a little inspo, care of the zodiac, here are 6 workouts worth trying out now that all is right in the universe.

Megan Roup's dance cardio

Roup posts a ton of her choreography to Instagram, so scroll through her feed and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a routine (and a soundtrack) that you'll love.


Amanda Kloots' jump rope routines

Pilates ball between your legs or not, jumping rope is no joke. You can find Kloots' workouts on-demand via the Obé app.


Akin Akman's ab workout

Akin Akman's boot camps are touted as some of the hardest in New York City (seriously—I've been told they're harder than college football camp), but if you can't make it to class you can try his ride-or-die abs routine: 400 crunches a day, every single day.

LEKFit's trampoline workouts

Trampoline workouts add a plyometric element to cardio training, which means you're essentially getting a two-for-one in your workout. You can peep the full roster of LEKFit workouts (and try 'em for yourself) via the studio's on-demand service.


Gina DiNapoli's JABSbyGina

Part boxing, part dance class, Project by Equinox's new JABS class will have you dripping in sweat. You can check out some of the moves on trainer Gina DiNapoli's Instagram page, and TBH I'm tired just looking at it.


Meg Takac's strength circuits

Meg's workouts are heavily featured on the Aaptiv app, but you can steal her sweat-inducing circuit style via Instagram... including this little box jumping number, which will really get your heart-rate going.

Want more moves you can do from home? Here are our favorite beginner fitness videos on YouTube. And you can get a monthly subscription for less than $40 with these digital fitness apps

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