Sweet Potato Pesto Poppers Are the Ultimate Healthy Game-Day App

Photo: Instagram/@flora_and_vino
Once fall hits, Sundays typically turn into an excuse for football fans to devour all things stuffed, fried, and smothered in cheese. While plate upon plate of loaded nachos and BBQ wings aren't exactly the best choices for your well-being (unless you give them a healthier twist, that is!), there's one body-boosting appetizer that's sure to please everyone in attendance, health nut or not.

Lauren Kirchmaier, the plant-based blogger behind Flora & Vino, recently shared a snackin' staple that actually makes her a fan of football season: her sweet potato pesto poppers. The oil-free, gluten-free, vegan, and grain-free staple is a must-try for anyone at your gathering—plus, they're super easy to make. "They're a total 'game-changer'—sorry, I had to—when it comes to feeding you and your football fans," she writes. "You can whip up the pesto in advance, throw a pan of sweet pots in the oven just before halftime, assemble, and serve 'em warm on a giant platter."


If you're a fan of sweet potato toast, that's the base of this tasty mix, sliced and roasted. The comes the fun part: the topping. To pack in the green—and all sorts of flavor!—Kirchmaier creates her pesto out of a surprising secret ingredient: peas. Combined with hemp hearts for a nutty flavor, spinach, tahini, and other hearty ingredients, the final product is melt-in-your-mouth good—not to mention a serious game day win.

Grab these five kitchen staples for your next game-day party. Then, whip up this totally vegan seven-layer dip.

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