Get Ready to Freak Out Over This Genius Bread Alternative Hitting Stores Next Month

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sweet potato toast
Photo: Vegolution

Sweet potato toast has been all over Instagram for the past couple years now, but anyone who has tried to make it knows that it isn't as easy as it looks. The ultimate SPT hack is popping slices of the tuber in the toaster, but—let's be honest here—chopping through the potato is not easy. Even if you're a Crossfit regular, it takes essentially all your strength. And being precise enough to cut slices thin enough to fit in your toaster is a true talent. Once you do pop it in, it takes between two to four rounds of toasting to cook it. So...the struggle is real.

Well, not anymore. Last week when I attended ExpoEast in Baltimore, AKA a convention where over 1,000 wellness brands reveal their latest and greatest products, I discovered a not-yet launched product that's a total game-changer. Vegolutionary Foods—the parent company to cauliflower pizza brand Caulipower—is launching Sweet PotaToasts, roasted sweet potato slices. Literally all you have to do is open the bag and pop the pre-cut slices in your toaster. And yes, it only takes one round of toasting for them to be ready. It's one of those ideas that's so smart and simple, it's hard to believe it hasn't existed until now.

The only ingredient is literally the sweet potato, so there's no weird additives in there. (Though the brand is launching a delish sea salt and olive oil version, which includes those two ingredients as well.) Besides being used in place of bread in the AM for avocado toast or nut butter, it works as a savory meal too, paired with pesto and tomatoes.

The roasted sweet potato slices officially come out in Sprouts stores next month and will then roll out in other grocery stores starting nationwide. I can imagine the double taps already.

Originally posted September 18, 2018. Updated September 24, 2018.

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