This Pistachio Milk Is the Most Delicious Alternative Milk I’ve Ever Tasted

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A few weeks ago when I received an email about a new pistachio milk brand called Táche ($43 for a six-pack), I'll admit, I wasn't all that excited. In fact, I emailed the publicist—who is a good friend of mine—back that I had alternative milk fatigue. Seriously, how many alt-milks does a grocery store need? But she urged me to just try it, promising it would be worth it. "Okay," I relented. "Send it over!"

After trying the pistachio milk on its own and in lattes and baked goods, I can't believe I almost missed out on it. It turns out that we really did need another alternative milk. Táche pistachio milk is one of the most delicious, dessert-like alternative milks I've tasted—and trust me, I've tried a lot. The consistency is a bit thicker than almond milk but not as thick as oat milk—the "just right" in the Goldilocks game of plant milk drinking. As for the taste, the piney-nutty taste of the pistachios comes though as does a hint of sweetness from the small amount of cane sugar added to the original blend. It tastes almost like ice cream—and makes anything it gets added to taste like a special dessert.

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  • Roxana Saidi, Roxana Saidi is the co-founder and CEO of Taché pistachio milk.

How does a registered dietitian feel about oat milk? Watch the video below to find out.

"Pistachios have been consumed for thousands of years and have built a real reputation as a premium nut, yet, they have been highly underutilized in the U.S. compared to other nuts. Our goal is to change that," says Táche CEO and co-founder Roxana Saidi. She also adds that it takes less water to grow pistachios than almonds, making it a more sustainable choice. "With almond and oat milk, no one consumes these alt-milks for pure pleasure—they are almost always vehicles for other things, like coffee, matcha, or smoothies." But she says that when they tested Táche on 1,000 people, 95 percent said they would drink it all by itself. (She adds that all 1,000 reported that they liked it, too.)

Even though the pistachio milk just came out this fall, Saidi says it's been in the works since 2015. "What started as an experiment in my apartment has turned into something much larger in scale, and that scale is what has been our biggest challenge to date," she says. "Pistachios are known to be one of the more expensive nuts on the market and we knew going into it that we did not want to build a product that wouldn’t be accessible to the masses." This meant, she says, finding production partners to work with that could create the alt-milk on a large scale without it costing too much for people to buy—and finding and forming those relationships took years.

Another obstacle was finding a way to make the milks without using any rapeseed oil (also known as canola oil) a common ingredient in plant milk that some folks avoid because of concerns about GMOs and inflammation. Saidi says she didn't want anything to outweigh the benefits of the pistachio nuts, which includes being a complete protein, high in antioxidants, and full of vitamin B. (One serving of the alt-milk has 2 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat, and 1 gram of fiber—all credited to the nuts.)

With one taste—and then many more tastes—Táche replaced my skepticism with excitement. Let the alternative milk revolution continue. There's still, it seems, plenty more to be milked.

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