PSA: The Frozen Pizza That Tastes Like an Authentic Italian Dish Now Comes in a Vegan Version That’s Just as Delicious

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Like so many others with an HBO Max subscription, I spent the final days of 2022 glued to The White LotusAnd, like everyone else, it made me want to book a plane ticket to Italy STAT. The glamorous outfits, the gorgeous beaches, the food—give me la vita bella! Minus the expensive lodging and 8-hour plane ride, of course.

While I'll have to wait to splurge on a trip to the sun-drenched Neopolitan coast, I'm biding my time with the next best thing: frozen vegan pizza from Talia Di Napoli, which tastes like the real deal. Just launched today, it's the first vegan pizza from the brand, but you'd never know it. Handcrafted by thoroughly-trained master pizza-makers in Naples, these margarita pies will transport you to an Italian villa in just a single bite, never once giving away that they're frozen or plant-based.

Vegan Margherita (Pack of 6) — $120.00

Also available in an 8-pack ($144) so you can totally stock up.

The taste and authenticity are what makes Talia Di Napoli pizzas so freakin' delicious. (And why the entire Well+Good editorial team has at least one stashed away in their freezers.) All of the pizzas, including the new Vegan Margherita, are whipped up by trained pizza chefs at the brand's kitchen in Naples. Everything—from the dough, down to the toppings—is made by hand, before being wood-fired to perfection and then immediately flash-frozen to preserve flavor, texture, and genuineness. That way, when you pop 'em in the oven and take a bite, it feels like you're eating an actual Neopolitan pizza and nothing less.

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As mentioned, this is the brand's first foray into a vegan formulation, and it's just as delizioso as the dairy-based 'zas. Each one is made with a crispy, handmade sourdough crust that's topped with fresh pomodoro sauce and a crisp basil (which are both sourced in Italy, BTW.) The only difference is the vegan mozzarella cheese, which swaps milk for a blend of cashews and almonds.

"We’ve been sitting on launching a vegan margarita [pizza] for years," says Edouard Freda, the brand's founder and CEO. "While we knew this was an important pizza to have, we needed to make sure we found a plant-based mozzarella that matched the quality of the rest of our ingredients, which took a while. We finally found an Italian supplier of the best vegan mozzarella we have tasted and knew we finally had what we needed to launch the vegan pizza everyone has been waiting for!"

Can confirm: This tasty treat was worth the wait. I've been drooling over Talia Di Napoli's original pizzas for the past year and the vegan one tastes just as good, if not better. You'd never know the cheese is nut-based—it's that creamy and close to traditional mozzarella.

Currently, the Vegan Margherita comes in packs of six or eight, so you can stock up accordingly. And although they're a bit on the pricier side, they are the real deal. (And way less expensive than a trip to Italy, after all.) Transport your tastebuds with the new Talia Di Napoli Vegan Margherita here, or shop the rest of the pies here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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