Quiz: How to Find Your New Favorite Bra Without Stepping Foot in a Dressing Room

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Is there anything more irritating than your bra strap sliding down your arm while you're trapped in a turtleneck—or when your only option for "support" means your boobs live directly under your chin?

Truth: Finding a bra that fits your body and day-to-day needs is hard to come by. You need one that'll get you through that never-ending grocery-store line and also be game for your brunch plans—two equally important things that require a bra that doesn't quit.

To help you find the one that speaks to you (without dedicating an entire day to the inside of a dressing room), we teamed up with Target's new line Auden, which comes in sizes up to 46G on select styles.

With eight different styles—from The Everyday that lets you forget you're even wearing one to the The Radiant that gives you extra lift for a night out—you'll actually be excited to go bra shopping for a change, especially since every bra in the collection is under $22. (We know, what can't Target do?)

Take the quiz below to find the Target bras that can keep up with your life—and click on the hotspots to shop your picks.

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